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Tecnun inaugurates the "classroom Empresa Stäubli" to promote the training of student body in the field of robotics.

The students will carry out their internship or their project end-of-year Degree and master's degree with the technology provided by this international company.

FotoServiciode Comunicación./The director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, with representatives of the company Staubli.

13 | 10 | 2021

Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, has inaugurated the classroom Stäubli Company as a result of the partnership agreement that maintains with this international group, dedicated to providing technical support and engineering solutions to industry. The creation of this workspace has as goal favor the development and the training of students in the field of robotics.

Specifically, the company has loaned various pieces of equipment with which engineering students will carry out internships or final projects for Degree and master's degrees at campus. Emilio Sánchez Tapia, professor at Tecnun and researcher of Robotics and Industrial Control at Ceit, points out that the Stäubli robot that will be available at the School will allow students to "practice with robot programming techniques commonly used in industry, such as painting and welding cars or preparing cytostatic compounds that delay or stop the growth of cancer cells".

Sánchez Tapia also explains that the off-line simulation and programming software licenses, Stäubli Robotics Suite, that the company has donated to Tecnun will help student body tolearn to program a robot without having it physically, so that it is only used for final testing: "Although this concept may seem paradoxical, it is common practice in companies, because an inactive robot, even if it is to be reprogrammed, implies a production stoppage," he explained.

"The university-business relationship is becoming more intense and deeper because thanks to these alliances, companies are more competitive and professionals are trained more in tune with the needs of the business world," said Javier Ganuza, director of the Professional Relations Service at Tecnun during the opening ceremony.

The company was represented by Kepa Gorriti Kortaberria, Sales Manager of Stäubli Española S.A.U. in the North and Josep M. Serra, Robotics Director in Stäubli Española S.A.U.

"At Stäubli, it is clear to us that the competitiveness of the industry starts with quality training and access to cutting-edge technologies. For Stäubli, being able to support and accompany Tecnun in its academic objectives is a great opportunity to disseminate trends in robotics to today's students, who in a few years' time will be the professionals in our industry", the company said.  

It is worth mentioning the collaboration between Stäubli and Ceit and Stäubli maintain on the framework of the project Assure. "Led by Cybersurgery, the project is oriented to the construction of a surgical robot that will allow to perform operations of transpedicular fixation of vertebrae, i.e. to provide stability to those that are displaced, unstable or broken," has held the researcher of Ceit.  

The project Assure is the result of a long trajectory of projects initiated by the technology center Ceit with the Egile group, already a decade ago, leading to the creation of the spin-off company Cybersurgery, which is responsible for the approval of the commercialization of the robot. "All of this has been a great catalyst for the creation of the classroom company at Tecnun," concluded Sánchez Tapia

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