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"The sheer size of the Medica show was overwhelming and there were companies from every corner of the globe."

Students of the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering participate in the Düsseldorf Medical Fair, attend a course at IESE and visit companies in Madrid

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The students of the Master in Biomedical Engineering at IESE during their stay in Madrid. PHOTO: Communication Service
13/12/19 13:09 Communication Service

"The bio family had a very busy month of November. We spent four days at MEDICA, the world's leading medical technology fair, as part of a project for the subject Business Administration and Management course," explains Laura de Frutos, a student in the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Tecnun.

The general goal of the visit to MEDICA was for the students to get to know the extent and dynamism of the sector in which they will soon develop their professional work. In addition, in particular, the visit was framed within the activities of the subject of Business and Project Management of the MIB, so that the attendance to MEDICA allowed them a quick and direct access to companies from which to obtain information, or from which to gather ideas for the development of a specific product that they have to carry out, in working groups, during the semester in which the subject is developed. 

"The stay in Düsseldorf helped us to broaden our mental horizons, as well as to get to know and see first-hand what real companies do. The scale of the fair was overwhelming and there were companies from every corner of the globe. We met very innovative start-ups and companies with a longer business history, all of which were equally fascinating," de Frutos continues.

Intense week at IESE and visits to companies in the biomedical sector in Madrid

On Sunday of the same week, the students left for Madrid, with the goal to receive a course at IESE Business School as part of the subject of Personnel Management Service, as well as visit the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and biomedical companies such as Woom, Sedecal and Medtronic.

At the Clinic, the students visited the recent Protontherapy facility, a pioneer in Spain, which will serve oncology patients starting next year, and learned about the protocols followed for clinical trials and how they are integrating the operation of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona and Madrid.

They also had the opportunity to visit the start-up Woom, whose goal is "to help women with fertility problems to get pregnant, using Data Analytics", as explained by student Laura de Frutos. "We loved the application of this company's data analysis , as well as the work dynamics and the atmosphere they had".

The last few days they visited the company Sedecal, which is dedicated to the manufacture of Radiology equipment machines for the whole world, as well as Medtronic. "We were fortunate to have many testimonials from young people working there, from engineers to pharmacists, who told us about their experience, how they started working at Medtronic and how three of the products they develop there work," concludes De Frutos. "We took away with us a fantastic memory of this trip, in which we also had the opportunity to have a meeting with alumni of the MIB who are now doing their Master's Thesis Project at the Clinic's headquarters in Madrid, and at the IBM company".



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