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Tecnun celebrates the Day of the patron saint

Sports activities and a pintxos contest will energize the workshop

14/03/18 13:08 Communication Service

The Day of the patron saint began with a mass in the sports center, officiated by D. Toché Marín and D.Emilio Fuertes, and accompanied by the songs of some members of the Choir of the School of Engineers.A average morning workshop has started with various sports activities such as a pimpón tournament, basketball and futbito.

Some teachers, such as Diego Borro and Jorge Juan Gil, have decorated the txoko of Tecnun with the smell of seafood, cooking paella with other students who, between pans and good humor, were preparing their respective dishes. Diana Retana, student of the Master in Biomedical Engineering and director of the theater group 'Chismarracos', told smiling that the team has come together again today to surprise the jury with blood sausage and vegetable dressings. 

The sokatira was not lacking this year either, which offered a healthy dispute between teachers and students, and the occasional blister on the hands, as noted with a smile by the student of Mechanical Engineering Enrique Van Dyke

patron saint Day from Tecnun 2018

The cultural richness of campus has been savored in the pintxos on display on the esplanade of the Igara Building, where Andalusian colleagues have brought their gazpacho, fried fish or 'serranito'. The Valencians and Catalans have honored tradition and have returned, another year, with paella and sobrasada with Mahon cheese. From the other side of the pond has come the spicy hand of Mexican students, Latin and Venezuelan beach bars have surprised with their pintxo of ceviche, among others, and the group Euskal Kultur Taldea of Tecnun has sold talos of txistorra.

A jury has evaluated the gastronomic quality, customer service, decoration and the care that the beach bars have taken of the environment. Antonio Casado, director of University Projection of the UPV/EHU;Santiago Serrats, head of the Office Campus of Deusto;Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, and Juan José Torres, delegate of the School, as members of the jury, have awarded three prizes to the participants for the best pintxo, the best chiringuito as a whole and the most sustainable chiringuito.  

In this last point, they have taken into account three essential aspects: the selective collection of waste, the use of oil and leftover bread -in order to collaborate with Saretuz in the World Day of Bread-, and the use of natural products. The stands of Ecuador, Venezuela and Euskal Kultur Taldea, respectively, were the winners.

For his part, Asier Rodríguez, student of Industrial Organization Engineering and member of the Green Tec Club of Tecnun, has appealed to his colleagues, encouraging them to recycle the glasses used to reuse them. 

Meanwhile, the music accompanied the verdict, the wind blew and some students energized the workshop, at the microphone, joking and enjoying themselves in a relaxed atmosphere in which the bad weather did not affect too much.

patron saint Day from Tecnun 2018


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