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The University of Navarra promotes the startup Polimerbio, dedicated to the development of medical devices.

The Fabric Engineering group at design is involved in the manufacturing process. Tecnun

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The University of Navarra becomes a shareholder of Polimerbio PHOTO: Communication Service
14/05/20 11:21 Communication Service

The University of Navarra hascontributed to boosting the startup Polimerbio, dedicated to the development of medical devices that can be absorbed by the body. The advice and support of Innovation Factory in the business strategy, the support and guidance of department of Urology of the CUN in the clinical field and the financial aid of the Tissue Engineering group of Tecnun in the field of manufacturing, have been the contributions of the University. 

Among the projects that will receive significant support is the design and manufacture of a catheter intended to treat urethral stricture or narrowing and other treatments related to nerve tissue regeneration and cell recruitment. It is precisely in the first application in which Dr. Bernardino Miñana, co director of the department of Urology of the CUN, is participating as a clinical advisor . It consists of"an intraurethral device of resorbable material to solve male urethral stricture that would provide a minimally invasive and widely applicable solution to a frequent problem that has a great impact on quality of life", Dr. Miñana pointed out.

All of them are based on an innovative technique that consists of making biodegradable medical devices, i.e., they can be absorbed by the human body once they have fulfilled their purpose mission statement. The Tissue Engineering group of Tecnun, led by Dr. Jacobo Paredes, is also involved in the design manufacturing process.

Gustavo Pego, co director of Innovation Factory, said that "participation in the project is a new opportunity to contribute and transfer to the market the capabilities and know-how of the University with a approach multidisciplinary to meet needs in the field of health".


As highlighted by the startup born in 2017 from the heart of the group researcher Zibio of the UPV/EHU, this biotechnology has as main advantages a cost saving because the issue of surgical interventions is reduced, in addition to a sensitive improvement in the quality of life of patients.

The treatment focuses on soft tissue injuries of the muscular, cardiovascular, genitourinary, nervous and respiratory systems, as well as skin and cartilage. In this regard, Polimerbio assured that it intends to "be an international reference letter " in this field of biomedicine.

For his part, Santiago Lozano, director of the fund "UN research and development+i Tech Transfer", managed by the venture capital company core topic Mayor, with offices also in Valencia and Valladolid, recalled that its commitment is especially aimed at the health sector and that this operation reinforces this challenge. And it does so, according to Lozano,"hand in hand with a group of top level researchers such as Zibio and Polymat, with the involvement of the University of Navarra and Clínica Universidad de Navarra ".

Likewise, the project has been very positively valued by the UN Fund research and development+I Tech Transfer (promoted by the UN and managed by core topic Mayor) which has seen an investment opportunity, contributing 300,000 to the company's capital. This funding will allow the biotech company to boost several innovative projects related to the urethral duct, nervous tissue and cellular system.

According to Polimerbio, the entrance in its capital of these two Navarrese entities means a support to its activity not only economic, but also immaterial. Its general director , Juan Carlos Antigüedad, indicated that the Fund's contribution "goes far beyond the economic area and the University of Navarra "provides resources and knowledge complementary to those of Polimerbio", which is why he expressed his satisfaction with the agreement.

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