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Tecnun participates in pioneering bicycle theft prevention system

The project BizHiri has been developed by the San Sebastian City Council, Ceit-ik4 and the company Luma.

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Maite Álvarez de Kalapie, the researcher of Ceit-Ik4, Alfonso Brazález, the councilor of Mobility, Pilar Arana, the students of Tecnun, Alejo Casla and Álvaro Ruíz, together with Amaia Jiménez, from Luma. PHOTO: Communication Service
15/03/18 10:58 Communication Service

The Councilor for Mobility, Pilar Arana, the researcher of Ceit-IK4, Alfonso Brazález and the Marketing Manager of Luma, Amaia Jiménez, have presented today BizHiri, a pioneer anti-theft project that will be tested by 300 cyclists from San Sebastian.

The project consists of incorporating a fixed lock to the bicycle equipped with Bluetooth technology that connects to transmitters installed in the city and converts that space into a security zone. The bicycle is registered to the system through a Smartphone application.

This tracking system is done by connecting the lock and the GPS location system of the cell phone that allows locating the bike on the map. On the other hand, the city will have devices that will broadcast the location of the locks near them. Thus, the combination of these two factors and the registration of the bicycle (and lock) in the Smartphone App make the system an efficient solution to prevent bicycle theft, and in case of theft, to locate them.

BizHiri's goal consists, therefore, in developing an economical anti-theft solution by adding value by offering different services: location, tracking, theft alerts, maintenance, etc. The users themselves also act as locators of other bicycles through the application. The city can propose new services to cyclists based on the anonymously detected mobilities of users, such as the installation of new bicycle parking facilities.

BizHiri counts for its implementation with the collaboration of the Donostian association of urban cyclists Kalapie and of Tecnun (Engineering School of the University of Navarra) who will collaborate by distributing more than 300 locks among regular bicycle users. In addition, the students of the School, Alejo Casla, Gonzalo Jabat and Álvaro Ruíz have inaugurated this pioneering project by installing the application on their cell phones and the lock on their respective bicycles.

Once the pilot test has been tested by Mobility of the City Council, Ceit-Ik4, Luma and Dinycon (systems integrator engineering, dedicated to development solutions to optimize the mobility of people and vehicles), the phase of dissemination of the lock to citizens will be launched.

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