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Engineer Itziar Estévez, awarded for her international trajectory

The alumni Tecnun has been awarded the I award San Sebastian Connecting Talent

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Itziar Estévez, in the centre of the front row PHOTO: Communication Service
15/03/19 11:01 Communication Service

The engineer Itziar Estévez has collected today the I award San Sebastian Connecting Talent. A award that recognizes professionals from San Sebastian, who have maintained a close relationship with the city, who have carried out an outstanding international career in the field of research, business or innovation in its many facets. 

Estévez, from Irun, studied engineering at Tecnun, has worked for companies such as BMW or Boston Consulting Group and has helped small companies in San Sebastian to get investors or partners for their businesses. She currently works for Siemens in Munich. The mayor's office, promoter of this award, points out that it can be considered as "the Golden Drum of innovation in San Sebastian" and that "the person who receives it becomes an ambassador of San Sebastian, symbolizing the dynamism of a city installed in prominent positions of innovation in Europe". 

Estévez has collected the award in the Miramar Palace, where she has been presented by the director of development of Tecnun, Iñigo Gutiérrez. It should be noted that Estévez's candidacy was promoted by the director of the Alumni office Tecnun, Javier Cárdenas and the director of the Entrepreneurship office of the University of Navarra, Gustavo Pego .

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