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A award to effort and perseverance.

The student of Tecnun Asier Andonegui obtains the best record of the University.

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Asier Andonegui, recognised for obtaining the best record at the University of Navarra PHOTO: Communication Service
15/04/19 13:02 Communication Service

Asier Andonegui, student of Industrial Technologies Engineering was awarded in the V edition of the Talent Awards, organized by El Periódico Universitario, Fundación Orienta Zaitez Fundazioa and Navarprensa. The reason? Having obtained the best grade of average of the University; specifically, a 9.67. Now, about to finish the Degree, he recognizes that he wants to continue expanding his knowledge and bet on studying in Tecnun the Master in Industrial Engineering .

How did you receive the news of award?

My mother called me while I was on my way to the university. She put on the hands-free and my mother and father got on the phone, hands-free and at the same time, to tell me the good news. I couldn't believe it, especially when they explained to me that it was not a award that was given out at every Degree, but a award for the best transcript at the level of the entire University of Navarra. Besides, as I am still studying the 4th year of Industrial Technologies Engineering, I was convinced that they had made a mistake. I still can't believe it.

Do you combine your studies with other activities at school?

The truth is that I have tried to make the most of the university experience, and it is true that sometimes it has been difficult to fit everything in.

In first grade I joined the literature club "Namasté" and the English discussion club "English discussion Club". In addition, at the end of the first course I was offered to participate in a project as student intern at department of Industrial Organization during part of the summer and the following course.

I found participating in these activities very enjoyable, so I wanted to continue them the following year. student In the second year I was coordinator of the literature club and started working as an intern at another project, this time at research center Ceit . This lasted until the summer, and I also took the opportunity to sign up for a summer course at Tecnun on renewable energy and energy efficiency with international professors and students.

In third year I went back to department de Organización Industrial as student intern in a new project. In addition, when I finished I was able to attend to a Big Data course that was very interesting.

Since I finished first grade, I have also been student partner at introductory course to help new students during their first days at school and it has always been a very rewarding experience.

Does it take a lot of work to reach a 9.67 on average?

Yes, it is hard. It is a career that requires many hours of work and study staff. However, I believe that it is precisely that dedication and effort that makes it even more rewarding to achieve it. You also need people to help you along the way. Personally, I would like to thank my teachers, classmates, friends and, especially, my family.

What do you think is the core topic?

In my case at least, I think that a very important factor is to try to make the most of the classes. It might seem obvious, but I think it is essential to pay attention to class and follow it by doing the exercises, as well as taking notes of the explanations. To quote my advisor and professor of Electrical Technology this year, Joaquín de Nó, "we do not pay a movie entrance to be with the cell phone without paying attention to the movie. Well, it should be the same at the university". Of course, that alone is not enough, but I do consider it necessary.

Have you had professional experience over the years?

This last summer I did an internship at consultancy service in PKF Attest. I was working during the months of June and July full-time in the Donostia office. I was able to work in different projects of consultancy service and have a first contact with the working world. Specifically in PKF Attest they made this first experience very positive and treated me very well. And since almost all the classes in the fourth year are in the afternoon, I was able to dedicate the mornings to continue with the internship. At least for a while longer.

What are your plans now?

Now that I am finishing the Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering, my intention is to study the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering at Tecnun. This master, besides giving professional attributions as an industrial engineer, completes what has been learned during the Degree and deepens in topics of great interest for an engineer, at the same time that gives a comprehensive training to its students.

And why at Tecnun?

I want to continue studying at the University of Navarra because I really appreciate the training I have received so far and I think it is deservedly one of the leading engineering schools in Spain. Regarding the Master's degree they offer, it has also received recognition at European level, guaranteeing high quality academic training. On the other hand, it allows graduates to access the EUR ING European degree that recognises equivalence with studies in other European universities, making the degree accredited also outside Spain.

Then I would like to finish my academic training by studying in the United States. I think it is a complicated goal but it is something I have thought a lot about and, being that my project staff , now I have to fight for it and work on it.

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