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"We tried to create an intuitive and coherent design in terms of form and function, accompanied by an original and attractive aesthetic."

Students of design have faced a challenge proposed by the company Okoru.

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Different stages of folding of project Gazelle PHOTO: Communication Service
15/05/19 11:28 Communication Service

Several students from Degree of design of Tecnun have recently faced a challenge presented to them by the company Okoru. Their job was to improve the last 100 meters of an electric scooter's journey. "To do this, we started with a design of the company, analyzed the product and the electric mobility market as well as the Username and its environment and, with the conclusions obtained, we defined the specific challenge that we were going to try to solve," says student Garoa Gómez.

This project has been the main work of the subject Taller de design III, taught by Adrián Larripa, Associate Professor who has his own studio design, BigD design. The proposal that Garoa Gómez and his team made is called Gazelle, and features improvements in three main aspects of the scooter: folding and its attachment and in transportation. "We tried to create an intuitive and coherent design in terms of form and function accompanied by an original and attractive aesthetic." 

The work of Garoa and his team, also composed of Ander Aramburu Garcia, Iñigo Puerta Uranga and Ainhoa Irigoien Eizaguirre has been highlighted because they have made a complete and detailed project , following all the steps of creation, until reaching a solid and consistent final proposal in prototyping. "The solution we provide has a quick incorporation in the market", underlines Garoa. 

In addition to the group work, the students also had to submit another individual project . "There were five other challenges from which we had to choose one to solve individually. They all made reference letter to the different brands marketed by Okoru. "Specifically, the challenges we chose were related to the garden: one was to develop alternative shade solutions and the other was to come up with a new concept for a storage shed," says Garoa Gómez.

"With this work, we have learned to solve a problem in depth, to focus the challenge based on the research conducted and the needs detected. In addition, having to perform many tasks simultaneously, we have had to organize ourselves well as a team. Most of the work we do is in collaboration with companies. This gives us the opportunity to have a first contact with the working world, and to see what companies expect from us, industrial designers." 

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