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"There is no better way to close the year than with a solidarity concert".

The students of Tecnun raise 345 euros for the benefit of Caritas Gipuzkoa.

15/06/20 14:23 Communication Service

Tecnun held last week its traditional spring solidarity concert, and on this occasion the profits obtained will go to project Hotzaldi of Caritas Gipuzkoa for the Homeless. In total, 345 euros were raised, according to Caritas Gipuzkoa sources.

A dozen members of the School's Choir and Big Band performed songs by artists such as Kodaline, Ed Sheeran, John Lennon, Bongo Botrako or Pereza. Students Jesús de la source and Isabel Fontán were in charge of introducing their classmates and acted as masters of ceremonies. "I can't think of a better way to close the course than with a solidarity concert in favor of disadvantaged people", says Jesús de la source, who adds: "this year the concert has been special, because we have done it online, instead of in person, as usual". For her part, Isabel Fontán emphasizes that "the concert went very well, largely because it was very well organized in advance by Paula Berroa".

"When we did the concert through Zoom, at the beginning we were quite nervous, because if there was any problem we would have to improvise, but thanks to the fact that we have been in the theater group of Tecnun for a long time, we managed to get out of the way and everything went very well", the presenters congratulate themselves. "The artists sang super well, everyone was very excited, especially knowing that the proceeds would go to benefit Caritas, whom we want to thank for their work with the whole society," concluded Jesus and Isabel.

Raquel Suescun, Paloma Gutiérrez, María Floristán, Marcin Kawka, Ángel Naveiro, Iker Elizetxea -member of the group Skakeo- and María Martí were the students who sang online on the other side of the screen. The initiative had two objectives: on the one hand, to reinvent university life so that students continue with traditions established at campus, and on the other, to help those most in need.

The concert could be followed through the Tecnun Youtube Live account and the more than 500 people who streamed the concert were able to make their donations through bizum. Caritas will donate the proceeds to Hotzaldi, the night shelter for people in social exclusion status .

Collaboration through bizum to code 38029

Caritas Gipuzkoa, after the declaration of the state of alarm due to the spread of the coronavirus, launched the campaign "Every gesture counts" and enabled the code "38029" so that, through bizum, people could make their donation and thus help the groups most affected by the pandemic.

The concert, organized by Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of Tecnun, wanted to join this campaign. People interested in collaborating, can make their contribution through bizum to the code 38029 indicating as subject "Tantaka-Tecnun".

In order to make a donation via bizum to the indicated code, it is necessary to use the "donate" or "send money to NGO" option.

However, people who have difficulties can make their donation by calling 627134160, and everything received will be forwarded to Caritas Gipuzkoa.

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