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2019_07_15_tecnun_asociacion-zalbaketa-imparte-curso- sobre-cooperacion-desarrollo-a-profesores-.tecnun

The Zabalketa association is giving a course on Development Cooperation to teachers from Tecnun

The aim of the course was to share with teachers educational methodologies to promote active and participatory learning and value formation among students.

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The Zabalketa association gave a course on Development Cooperation to teachers from Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
15/07/19 18:45 Communication Service

Development cooperation projects aim to improve people's living conditions from a fair, equitable and sustainable development approach, and are a powerful educational tool", said former Tecnun student Teresa Domínguez, shortly before the start of a training course for teachers at the school. Domínguez is a Project Technician at the Zabalketa association, an organisation dedicated to Awareness Raising and Education for Social Transformation, which carries out Development Cooperation projects in African and American countries. 

- What was the aim of this workshop?

To provide teachers with knowledge on fair, equitable and sustainable human development approaches, as well as educational tools and methodologies to promote active and participatory learning and value formation among students.

- What collaboration is expected to be achieved between Zabalketa-Tecnun?

After this training for teachers, what they have learnt will be put into practice. In the next academic year Zabalketa will accompany the teaching staff of Tecnun in carrying out activities that incorporate some of the contents and tools within the subject of Environmental Technology. We also want Tecnun to host a travelling exhibition to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability in the fight against poverty. 

- Which entities are part of the project?

Zabalketa is coordinating, together with the NGDO ICLI, an Education for Social Transformation project, financed by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, in which 3 other NGOs, 3 vocational training centres, the UPV/EHU, the University of Mondragon and Tecnun are participating.  

- Why do you think it is interesting for teachers to know about your work and methodologies?

Because development cooperation projects carried out by NGDOs have great potential as educational tools. They can be used in Higher Education not only to transmit to students knowledge about human development from an economic, social and environmental point of view, but also to help them acquire competencies, skills and values for their training as professionals and as individuals. In short, to contribute to the construction of a better society.

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