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"We proposed to the students to resume the internships that were pending and we have had a very good reception."

The students of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering have recovered the practical activities that could not be carried out during the confinement.

15/10/20 11:03 Communication Service

The students of last year's Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering have returned these days to the classrooms of Tecnun to fill in for the practical training that was left pending due to the confinement. According to the director of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering of Tecnun at campus in San Sebastián, Noemí Pérez, these internships have been "very well received".

Why have you decided to resume the MII practices now?

The students work with hardware and software. Due to the confinement they did not have the opportunity to work with hardware. We proposed a more complex practice with software programming only and they did a very good job, but it seemed to us that handling hardware would be a good complement for them.

How has it been received by the Master's students?

Very good. We have had 15 students who have come to the two shifts of internships that we have offered. Taking into account that half of the students who attended last year's subject are already working on their TFM, we think it has been a success. In addition, all the students who have come have done so with a lot of enthusiasm and I think that the result has been very good.

What are the internships you are going to carry out?

We programmed a National Instruments myRIO card using Labview to control different sensors (magnetic, thermal, presence, etc...) and actuators (horns, leds, motors) to emulate the safety features of a manufacturing process in a company.

Why do you think it was important to resume the internship?

Although the alternative work we proposed to them ensured that their training was complete, our commitment to them was that they would be able to perform the practical activities that they were unable to do during the confinement. In addition, for some students the contact with electronic hardware during the career has been very scarce so we considered it very beneficial for them to leave the master having made some assemblies.

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