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ABC Compressors awards a prize to students from Tecnun for the quality of a pneumatics project.

The aim of this collaboration is to encourage the participation of the company in the evaluation of a practice related to its professional activity.

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The company ABC awarded 600 euros to the best project. PHOTO: Communication Service
16/01/20 12:05 Communication Service

The General Manager of ABC Compressors, Carlos Martín, presented a prize of 600 euros to several students of Mechanical Engineering at Tecnun for the creation of a machine dedicated to the assembly of the parts of a biro. The prototype, designed and assembled by 4th year students as part of the Pneumatics and Oleohydraulics course, received the best mark from the jury.

The members of the jury were two managers from the Eibar-based company ABC Compressors. Its General Manager, Carlos Martín, and the Technical Manager, Demetrio San Adrián. The aim of this initiative is to promote the participation of the company, which manufactures compressors for the food and petrochemical sectors, in subjects related to its professional activity. "We want to raise the School's profile because we need to recruit engineers trained by Tecnun," said General Manager Carlos Martín. 

"This practice is carried out in a professional context so that students learn how to meet different milestones to create a machine with pneumatic technology and make it work," explained teacher Gorka Sánchez. "The members of the jury not only evaluate the final result of the work, but also make the students go a little further, asking them: 'What happens if it fails? And I thought it was very interesting that they had an impact on this aspect", said the professor.

The students use different design programmes in which they virtually create their project and the teachers correct the different deliveries. They are divided into teams of about 4 people and have just three months to develop the whole project.

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