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Tecnun and the Aon Foundation will investigate the cost of disasters such as Filomena

The School will study how preparedness activities can reduce the cost of natural disasters.

FotoCedida/Representativesof Tecnun and the AON Foundation

16 | 03 | 2021

Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, will investigate the cost of disasters in the last five years with the goal to prevent and reduce them. This cost analysis will be applied to a case study on the Filomena storm within the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, their area work will focus on how "preparedness activities can reduce the cost of disasters such as Superstorm Filomena, which occurred in the context of a global pandemic".

This was stated by the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, during the signature of the agreement that the School has signed with the president of the Aon Foundation, Pedro Tomey.

The research of Tecnun will be framed within the project on the Cost of Disasters in Spain (2015-2020), led by the Aon Spain Foundation in collaboration with Civil Protection and Emergencies of Spain. The goal of the project is to analyze the structure of the cost of disasters in the five-year period 2015-2020, particularizing the cost measurement indicators in the state context.

Specifically, the department of Industrial Organization of Tecnun will identify the preparedness actions that allow to better cope with crises, reduce their impact on society and therefore their cost, as well as establish the relationship between the implementation of appropriate policies and the decrease in the cost of disasters.

Aon Foundation Chair

It should be noted that the Chair of Catastrophes that Tecnun maintains with the Aon Foundation has as goal to create a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can contribute their knowledge both in the private sector and in public institutions at the service of prevention, response and normalization in crisis situations caused by natural or environmental phenomena that are difficult to control, as well as to develop research and study projects in the field of catastrophes.

The call is also open for the third edition of the award José Maria Sarriegi de la knowledge dissemination Científica for the best article academic research on topics related to disaster management that has been published in a high-impact specialized journal. The deadline deadline for applications is September 15 and the instructions can be consulted on the Aon Foundation Spain website.

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