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The Activities Fair at Tecnun: a showcase of university life

About 150 students have participated in theActivities Fair of Tecnun with the goal to learn about the university life of the School. The entrance of the Ibaeta building has been occupied by different information stands formed by university clubs of music, theater, cinema, discussion, sport, automotive, photography or volunteer activities.

Daniela Jiménez Acosta, one of the coordinators of the women's volleyball team, speaks of the workshop as "a successful event in which many more people have come than we thought." She has also been amazed by the large turnout of students who have strolled through the soccer and basketball clubs. "In Tecnun not everything is studying and it is important to tell about it", expresses the fourth year student in Industrial Engineering design .

Although it has mostly been freshmen wandering around the various information tables, veterans like junior Laura Cid participated in the fair to re-enroll in the Choir and learn about social activities. "I had a conversation with my advisor in the senior college and realized that I want to go out into the real world with more than just an engineering degree. That's why I'm approaching Tantaka", he has been candid.

Tantaka: the University's Solidarity Time Bank

Aspace Gipuzkoa, which has been collaborating with the School for more than ten years, was, together with Tantaka, the protagonist of the space reserved for solidarity activities.

Under the slogan "Your time, your best gift", Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra, has mainly attracted the interest of first-year students. Moved by their enthusiasm to collaborate with those most in need, they have learned about the range of social activities that are managed with associations in Gipuzkoa. 

average It should be noted that each year Tantaka reaches campus in San Sebastian with a total of 150 volunteers, including students, professionals and alumni.

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