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The Tecnun automotive team presents its new single-seater at Tabakalera

70 engineering students design a new electric single-seater with the collaboration of 65 companies

FotoCedida/Pupilsin the spotlight of the new electric "hotrod" of Tecnun

17 | 06 | 2022

The students of the automotive team of Tecnun have presented the electric single-seater with which they will represent Gipuzkoa in the summer. Almost 70 students from Tecnun will compete against more than 2,500 engineering students from 600 universities around the world in the university Formula 1.

Specifically, they will run at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Italy from 13 to 17 July and at the Parcmotor Castellolí circuit in Catalonia from 29 August to 4 September.

During the presentation, which took place at conference room Z of Tabakalera, team leader Borja Hidalgo thanked that each year more companies are betting on the project, as support has doubled in recent years reaching the figure of 65 sponsors .

He also explained the most significant new features of the single-seater, such as the carbon fiber monocoque chassis that has been manufactured for the second consecutive year. "We have been able to go a step further this season and we have focused on the reliability of the electrical part. We have been dragging problems with the battery box in previous years and with the financial aid of the company Epowelabs we have solved it," said Hidalgo.

It should be noted that, thanks to the collaboration of this company, last year the team was able to test its electric powertrain at the facilities of Mubil, a pole of reference letter in intelligent and sustainable mobility in Gipuzkoa. In this way, and after months of testing, they have managed to consolidate their powertrain as one of the most reliable in years.

The student wanted to highlight the support of other sponsors such as Denatek , who once again manufactured various aluminium parts that shape the single-seater, as well as some of the companies participating in the event such as Ideko, Mubil, Bahco, Pixel Sistemas, Isati, Proelek, Rac Vasco Navarro, Goifiber, Idom, LearnIn, Ternua.

He also thanked the University of Navarra for offering them the opportunity to build a car from scratch every year, since "it is a professional and humanchallenge to coordinate so many students from different engineering disciplines". Hidalgo emphasized above all the "camaraderie that exists in the team and the support we give each other".

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