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Students from Tecnun present their work for the LUFE Furniture Challenge

The work consisted of designing new items of furniture for the home.

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Design students from Tecnun during their visit to Muebles Lufe PHOTO: Communication Service
17/12/19 13:33 Communication Service

The final presentation of the work of the students of Tecnun for the LUFE Furniture challenge took place recently in the Multipurpose Hall of the Igara Building. The work they had to do consisted of designing new items of furniture for the home.

Enrique Arrillaga, former student of Tecnun and manager of Muebles LUFE, did not want to miss this session; he was able to enjoy the presentations and give the students his impressions and suggestions about this interesting collaboration project. "The presentations were outstanding", said an excited Arrillaga: "Wonderful, really, wonderful", emphasised LUFE's manager. For his part, Professor Carlos Alonso was also satisfied with the work presented by his Design students.

LUFE stands for Local, Universal, Functional and Ecological. This acronym sums up the philosophy of a dynamic company that has managed to connect perfectly with the desires, expectations and dreams of its users. Since it was renamed "the Basque IKEA" by the press in March 2017, the story of this startup that has risen from the ashes (the previous family business was forced to close, dragged down by the real estate crisis) has become a globally recognised business phenomenon.

Enrique Arrillaga has been awarded the Protagonistas Gipuzkoa 2017 Award for Entrepreneur of the Year and is listed, along with other prominent personalities such as architect Kengo Kuma and designer Jonathan Ive, among the 100 people who are creating the future, according to the prestigious FORBES List 2018.


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