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"We are part of the tamborrada; we are just another Donostiarras".

Andreina Morales, Fran Velásquez and Desmond Moru, three foreign students from Tecnun, leave ready to "be part of the city's culture".

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Participants in the tamborrada of Tecnun. PHOTO: Communication Service
18/01/19 13:27 N.G.

We reproduce below the report published in Noticias de Gipuzkoa to three international members of the tamborrada of Tecnun.

In Donostia, there is no better festival than the tamborrada to feel like another Donostiarra. That is the impression of Andreina Morales Roldan, Francisco Velasquez and Desmond Moru, four foreign students from Tecnun who will parade for the second time this Sunday on the day of San Sebastian: "The tamborrada is an opportunity to open your mind and be part of another culture, another city".

All three confess to having landed in Donostia at the time without knowing anything about it. "I didn't even know that Basque existed," says Andreina, who arrived in the capital of Gipuzkoa in 2012 directly from her native Venezuela. Now, on the other hand, the young woman has been to Santo Tomas and Semana Grande, knows Basque phrases and has participated in the tamborrada. She even knows part of La Marcha from report even though she doesn't understand it. "I always say that I am already from San Sebastian because I am part of the tamborrada," she jokes.

Francisco, from Honduras, discovered the city's big day five years ago, during his first course in Donostia, but he didn't give it "the importance it has". "If you come without knowing the tradition, it is something that catches your attention, but for the good. When you get involved in it you discover that the songs are composed by musicians from here, that it is a very autochthonous festival and different from everything else. And I like that a lot," says the Honduran, who is studying for a master's degree. After soaking up the history of the tamborrada - "and some of its revelry," he laughs - the next step was clear: to be part of it. "I feel that if I'm living here, I have to become part of the culture here," he says.

"With the tamborrada we have discovered another world. It's an opportunity to open our minds and get to know another culture, and also other people. Something that makes us better people," says Desmond Moru with a smile. This Nigerian in love with the beaches of San Sebastian is in his third year of his doctorate in the capital of Gipuzkoa, where he has been able to continue with his passion for the drum. "In my country I already played it, so I was destined," he jokes, while adding that San Sebastian Day has made him "become one more of the city."

The tamborrada of Tecnun has been parading through the streets of San Sebastian for four years. This Sunday it will do it between 15.30 and 20.00 hours and the quotation will not miss Andreina, Desmond and Francisco. "I've been nervous thinking about it since before Christmas," confesses the latter.

All three will be participating in the tamborrada for the second time, so they know the ins and outs of the parade and the repertoire well. "You learn quickly," they agree, while Andreina says she became familiar with the rhythms "following the tamborradas de fiesta" years before parading.

Beyond the tamborrada, the three students live "to the fullest" this day. Desmond and Francisco have their own special dinner in their high school, while Andreina mixes "friends and food from here and Venezuela". This involvement is very well received by the Donostians. "It makes them excited that we integrate in this way and that we are part of the tradition. I think that, in the end, that is the most beautiful thing about this festival," she concludes.

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