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Etxe-Tar rewards the ideas of students from Tecnun to improve their company's efficiency.

The winning students will have priority in being selected for internships and the project End of Year Degree in this company.

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Participating students with the winners at the center. PHOTO: Communication Service
18/05/18 14:14 Communication Service

The company Etxe-Tar today awarded 5 students from Tecnun for their proposals to improve the daily performance of the machining systems company's operators. 

Etxe-Tar presented the 3rd year students of Industrial Organization Engineering at Tecnun with the challenge to improve the performance of their workers by implementing the functions of the prototype of a mobile application. "We have added operations so that the app can detect defective parts, breakdowns, know the energy consumption per part. We have also improved the communication of the operators through the geolocation tool ", explains one of the winning students.  

Ángel Iglesias, responsible for department of design and development of Etxe-Tar Software, recognizes the usefulness of this last point. "We have highly valued the topic of geolocation, as it is something that we had not foreseen before in Etxe-Tar, and that after the exhibition of the students has seemed very interesting to us". 

 "Thanks to geolocation, Etxe-Tar's operators will be able to know the location of their colleagues, something very useful when working in large warehouses and need to be able to solve urgent breakdowns quickly," explained another of the award-winning students. 

For his part, Javier Pérez, head of department Service and former student of Tecnun, expressed how enriching result this contest has been "because the students bring a new and different vision of the company and ideas from other sectors that they are learning during their studies". 

This contest is part of the activities contemplated in the agreement that Etxe-Tar signed with the School of Engineers of the University of Navarra last year.

The goal of this initiative is to promote the relationship between the University and the company and offer students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real environment. In fact, in addition to receiving an economic recognition, the winning students will have priority when it comes to being selected to do an internship or develop their End of Degree project Degree in Etxe-Tar. 

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