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Tecnun has hosted the presentation of the workshop 'New Product development in complex markets: the union of development and Strategy'.

ADN Design and Loop have announced at the School of Engineers their integration "to lead the area sector of Product development in Europe".

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Image of the workshop that took place at Tecnun. PHOTO: Courtesy
18/06/18 10:35 Communication Service

This morning the School of Engineers of the University of Navarra has hosted the workshop 'New Product development in complex markets: the union of development and Strategy' where two of the main players in Product development , the Basque company ADN Design and Loop New Business Models, have announced their integration. 

Both companies have chosen Tecnun to announce the integration because this joining of forces DNA Loop is "a commitment to participate closely with engineering schools and development Product to offer a comprehensive back office service to customers". 

In the workshop, Álvaro Quintanilla, senior partner of Loop, and Carlos Alonso, new co-responsible of area of development of Product of ADN Loop, have exposed the 7 great challenges that the sector of development of Product is facing:

Today we live in a truly complex and hybrid world. Companies, in addition to continuing to base their strategy on technology and the performance of their products or services, have shifted their focus to many other variables.
The need for answers in a globalized world.

The emotional design has become intelligent: thanks to the digital revolution, objects and systems have become smart and are able to learn our habits and routines to make our lives easier. In addition, products have started to talk to us, and will soon engage in an expressive layer of interaction with people that has never been explored before.

On the other hand, objects have started to become autonomous and do not require human presence or intervention.

Permeability of the roles of the different actors: "Roles are completely liquid today" - pointed out Álvaro Quintanilla - "Whoever builds the component of a product or service is sometimes in charge of its design, its technical development , its maintenance and its evolution". Along these lines, it was pointed out that one of the most important challenges for development products is to provide this ecosystem with coherence and orient it towards the search for excellence.

Integration of processes and reduction of deadlines: Álvaro Quintanilla pointed out that companies today require fully integrated processes for the creation of products, services and systems that allow them to impact the market with surprising and unique products in a much shorter deadline : "From the formulation of the business model to mass production and from the promotion of its corporate knowledge to the creation of commercial launch plans".

Customization of products, services and processes: "Recipes are no longer useful," said Carlos Alonso. Each process of creating a new product or service must be adapted to the reality of each company and each market; each proposal value must be unique and significant.

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