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"I have been surprised by the technological infrastructure at Tecnun".

The international student , Carlos Abad, tells of his first days at the School.

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Carlos Abad poses in the campus de Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
18/09/19 13:28 Communication Service

Carlos Abad is one of the 45 international students this year at Tecnun. Carlos is studying Industrial Organisation Engineering and his country of origin is Peru. Abad tells us how he is living his first days at the School of Engineers, when he is about to complete almost the first month of his stay with us.

How are the first days on Tecnun going?

So far I am doing very well, I really like the environment of the University and the development of the different classes and activities, the first week I still didn't get used to the University, but now, two weeks later, that is no longer a problem.

How have your colleagues and teachers received you?

They have received me very well, the professors are very kind and are attentive to solve the different doubts that I have and on the part of the classmates of class, they are friendly and have helped me with advice for my stay in San Sebastian as well as for the university, also in the subjects where I am the only international, they have included me to be part of their groups in the projects that they assign us.

What is your home university and what differences do you find compared to it?

My home university is the University of Piura, located in Piura - Peru. The main difference is in the area, because my home university is much larger than Tecnun, however, I have been surprised by the technological infrastructure that is in Tecnun, as to enter the various buildings through the use of card ID. 

What do you think of what you have learned about the culture here?

The culture has surprised me too much, because it is my first time in a European country and being from South America, the change has been very noticeable. However, it is interesting for me to learn new customs, since I consider it important for my development staff , especially because I can transmit my customs and exchange them with the people of this place. On the other hand, I really enjoyed getting to know San Sebastian, because I have met great people in a short time and we have shared experiences that make us relate interpersonally. I hope to continue interacting, and to learn more about the culture here, since it is one of the different reasons that prompted me to do this student exchange.

What do you think Tecnun?

Tecnun I think it is an excellent university where they care a lot about the good service to the students, so far I have learned many new and interesting topics about my career, the classes have been didactic and the teachers have been very attentive to the international students. On the other hand, the infrastructure seems to me to be modern and technological, which allows my stay at the university to be productive.

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