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Tecnun collects more than 730 doctoral theses

18 | 10 | 2023

The School of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Tecnun) compiles on its web page a list of the more than 730 theses defended by the more than 730 theses defended at the School, arranged in chronological order. It also includes the link to the full text of the theses available at Dadunin open access. A average of 25 engineers per year complete their doctoral dissertation at Tecnun within the scope of the different research projects.

The University of Navarra is committed to the promotion of research as a foundation and enrichment of teaching, always providing a service to society.

The internal structure of Tecnun responds to a departmental organization chart where the 14 research groups are organized according to branches of or technology. 14 research groups are organized according to branches of knowledge or technology. Tecnun has 4 Departments4 groups: Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Organization and Mechanical Engineering and Materials. This organization makes it possible to carry out cutting-edge research projects through the close collaboration of experts from each branch of knowledge. The collaboration of Tecnun with national and international innovative companies allows the development of high enabling technologies added value that allow them to gain in competitiveness, boost their leadership and generate and exploit intellectual property.

Tecnun is an agent of the Basque Science, Technology and Research network , a group of research, development and innovation entities that, working in network, develop a balanced mix of research and development+i activity, carrying out specialized and excellent research that contributes to the creation of wealth and welfare in the Basque Country.

The research activity of Tecnun is multidisciplinary, collaborative and seeks to achieve excellence by carrying out research projects at national and international level. They are research centers attached to Tecnun, the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Institute (DATAI) and the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBIO).

With nearly 300 researchers, Tecnun and Ceit serve local and international industry by developing innovation through strategic research projects in a wide range of fields to develop the next generation of technology, products and services. Its commitment to technical and scientific excellence is reinforced by a dynamic network of cooperation with other research centers of the University of Navarra as well as prestigious universities, research centers and companies.

Some of the students of Tecnun start a research career at Ceit and Tecnun, and a average of 35 engineers per year complete their doctoral dissertation at Tecnun and Ceit in the scope of the different research projects. As result of the technological research of Ceit, 12 companies have been created in the last 12 years, generating more than 300 highly qualified jobs.

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