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The Tamborrada at Tecnun: a day that people look forward to

129 people, including students, alumni and staff from Tecnun play the San Sebastian march in unison.

19/01/18 09:16 Communication Service

Probably Raimundo Sarriegui, composer of the soundtrack of Donostia, did not imagine in 1861, that more than 150 years later, young Hondurans or Peruvians could walk through the neighborhoods of the city on January 20, beating the drums in unison and singing the anthem with the illusion of a Donostian. 

The tamborrada of Tecnun, young both for its brief trajectory and for the age of the members, was born three years ago thanks to the determination of the engineer from San Sebastian and former student, Borja Martinez. "I set my mind to it. I have to take it out", he promised himself during his last year of his Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. Borja, at the age of 6, was already marching in the Euskal Bilera company. As he grew older, he switched to the drum, and then to the barrel, "until my suit stopped fitting. Literally," laughs the promoter. 

Now he is the Drum Major of the Tamborrada of Tecnun, the singing voice of the company, something that for a donostiarra "is everything". "You're crazy. You are going to form a tamborrada with half of the people of out of Donostia", remembers that some friends said to him with certain skepticism. When I get out, we'll talk again," he recalls telling them. "To this day is when they congratulate me. I'm proud. 

The Tamborrada at Tecnun: a day that people look forward to

That initial mistrust, the result of the School's inexperience in this field, gradually waned. Doubts about the ability to form a successful company were diluted, as the experience of Borja Martínez and young people like Asier Alberro or Fermin Rodriguez actedas a counterpoint. The determination and effort of people like Coro Aycart,coordinator of studies and organizer, also influenced the birth of the company. There was also some luck factor: "It was difficult to get a band, but we were very lucky to have one from Lumbier from the beginning", says Mikel Arcelus,president of the Tamborrada and teacher from San Sebastian.  

Thanks to the support of the School's management and the collaboration of employees such as Patri Smith, Franklin Díaz, the treasurers Marta de Juana and Maria José Aramburu, among others, the Tamborrada commission was tying threads until the pistoletazo of January 20, 2016. The sewing of the costumes fell from the first moment in the hands of the promoter's mother, Monica Salaberria. In September, just started the course, Salaberria begins with the first stitches of the new incorporations, because every year there are new students, teachers or former students eager to join. 

What seemed an unfeasible proposal , as described by Mikel Arcelus, has become an immovable tradition for the 129 people who currently make it up, including drummers, cooks, water carriers and spenders. In its brief history it has incorporated in its ranks students from countries such as Nigeria, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras or Venezuela, without forgetting the Navarrese, Catalans and Andalusians, and the 75 people from San Sebastian, guilty of having spread the feeling of this festival in the campus . In fact, "80 people have been left on the waiting list", as Coro Aycart laments.

The Tamborrada at Tecnun: a day that people look forward to

"My heart told me I would like to participate in something like this. What great colors. I want to share and learn different customs," saysDesmond Moru from Nigeria and PhD student the first time he saw the parade start. This year he was able to experience it more closely. "Nobody thinks about whether or not we will have a tamborrada next year. It's something that's always going to happen," says Honduran student Francisco Velásquez with joy shortly before the start of the parade. Paula Castro, a Costa Rican student, who was duped by her classmate and friend from Donosti, Amaia Garmendia , has also taken her first steps as a water bearer this year. The cold, the wind and the rain, have not paralyzed what Coro defines as a "team party", a tradition established in the calendar of Tecnun, which not only unites the members but also allows them to get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

In fact, sometimes it happens to them that they have to teach how to play to the teacher who has failed a subject last week and even hours before. But "on that day, you forget everything," emphasizes Borja Martínez. "I'm on Tecnun because I created it and I've seen it grow," he nods proudly.

This year, as every January 20th, the School has paid tribute to a person who has been in the School for a long time. In this case, it has been Juan Flaquer, Professor Emeritus of Tecnun who has taught class for over 46 years. Shortly before the raising of the flag, Flaquer wanted to pronounce some letters in the form of poetry. They have served as an initial brooch before the Tamborrada started from Ibaeta, heading to the streets of Benta Berri, Antiguo and Lorea.

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