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Diputación and Tecnun compare their joint lines of work and the new alliances sealed with companies.

The Deputy Imanol Lasa has held a meeting with the centre's board of directors in which he has been able to learn about the evolution of their research.

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From left to right: Jon Gurrutxaga, Director of Innovation; Imanol Lasa, Deputy for Economic Promotion; Raúl Antón, Director of Tecnun and Iñigo Gutiérrez, Director of Development of Tecnun, during the visit. PHOTO: Communication Service
19/02/20 17:58 Communication Service

The Deputy of Economic Promotion, Tourism and Rural Environment, Imanol Lasa, has met with the Board of Directors of Tecnun, in order to know the results of the new research projects of the School, as well as the lines of collaboration that are being initiated with companies and universities. The working day is part of the collaboration agreement that Tecnun maintains with the Provincial Council through the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative , whose objective is to investigate how to promote the participation of workers in the company, the research vocation, entrepreneurship and training for highly specialized professionals. The meeting was also attended by Jon Gurrutxaga, director of Innovation and Internacionalization of the provincial institution. 

During the visit, the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, highlighted the creation of the Disaster Chair of the School and the AON Foundation, a pioneering initiative at national and European level that aims to systematically structure and develop research and the study of natural disasters. Antón also highlighted the start-up of the Mitsubishi Electric Business Classroom that Tecnun inaugurated at the beginning of the year, as well as the agreement it has with the German Aerospace Centre DLR, whose aim is to work together on mobility and transport research projects. Antón also presented the renewal of the CAF Chair for this academic year.

In addition to the aforementioned agreement, grants have been awarded to the University to carry out projects through the Provincial Council's call for support for the Gipuzkoa Science, Technology and Innovation Network. In the last five years, five projects have been supported within the framework of this call, with a total subsidy of more than 350,000 euros. The topics of the projects are diverse and range from the study for the prediction of response to treatment in oncology using Big Data technologies, to the study of local plastic failure of elliptical tubular sections for wind turbine towers or the development of a new model of very low-cost 'wireless' and 'chipless' fluid quality sensor. The latter, the most recent, will be completed in September 2020 and is being developed in collaboration with researchers from the University Clinic of Pamplona, MIT and the University of Pisa.

The director of the School of Engineering thanked the Provincial Council for the support it receives through the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative. "As a university, we are committed to creating knowledge, producing science and putting it at the service of society. For this reason, we are grateful for the support of the Provincial Council and its interest in knowing about the R&D projects and the alliances that we maintain with companies, both in the surrounding area and internationally", explained Raúl Antón

Imanol Lasa, for his part, highlighted the "close collaboration" between Tecnun and the Provincial Council, "enriching" for both and which they wish to maintain in the future. "The advanced knowledge generated by actors such as Tecnun is fundamental for the competitiveness and transformation of our business fabric, focusing on the economic sectors with the greatest future and the capacity to create quality employment. The shared work between universities and research centres, institutions, companies and organised society translates into projects that strengthen Gipuzkoa and prepare us to face the economic and social challenges of the future", he concluded.

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