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Tecnun moves to online teaching with more than 1,000 students online

63 teachers teach 35 subjects on the first day: 1,820 minutes of class and 21 hours of forum activity.

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Almudena Bergera, student of Tecnun, during a class, at the Colegio Mayor Jaizkibel PHOTO: Communication Service
19/03/20 18:32 Communication Service

The School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, Tecnun, started online teaching on Tuesday. In a single day, a total of 63 professors taught 35 subjects, 1,820 minutes of online teaching and 21 hours of activity in forums, with more than 1,000 students connected. On Wednesday, the online teaching activity continued as normal, with a high level of student participation. Some of them even highlight that the experience is being very positive because the classes are recorded and "you can watch them again if you haven't understood a concept".

Following the suspension of face-to-face classes by the Basque Government and the subsequent declaration of a state of alarm due to the spread of the coronavirus, the School of Engineering activated a Teaching Commission in order to make it easier for professors to prepare online classes. The director of development of Tecnun and coordinator of this Commission, Iñigo Gutiérrez, has thanked through a statement "the work of the professors and their quick adaptation capacity". Gutiérrez explained that "the University cannot stop at a time of crisis, and that it must work to provide the response that students expect from their professors".

It should be noted that the University of Navarra's San Sebastian campus closed its facilities on Tuesday, opting for teleworking, although minimum services have been put in place to meet the needs of workers and student body.

Throughout today, the 1,200 students of the 8 Degrees engineering programs and 3 masters offered by Tecnun, have followed the classes of the 140 professors of the School through the Virtual classroom and also through tools such as Google Meet, Zoom and Panopto. The teachers, coordinated by Iñigo Gutiérrez, have created a document in which they share their experiences and give advice on the use of the new tools they are using.

Likewise, the Quality and Innovation Service of the University of Navarra has created a archive with indications that help the professors and staff of the University to face the challenge of working from home.

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