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Tecnun announces the Prepara2 plan with information on the 20/21 academic year

On September 1, students will return to classroom instruction in the campus

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Tecnun announces the Prepara2 plan with information on the 2021 academic year PHOTO: Communication Service
19/06/20 12:57 Communication Service

It's not long now until the students of Tecnun return to campus on a face-to-face basis. Yesterday, a webinar was held to inform the students of the School about the steps foreseen within the Prepara2 plan, which is focused on the progressive recovery of teaching normality after the crisis caused by Covid-19.

As of September 1, students are expected to return to classroom attendance, although with some precautionary measures. Thus, it is planned to adapt the capacity, schedules and groups during the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

One of the measures that have been taken, as explained by the student Deputy Director Jorge Juan Gil, is to reorganize the schedules with a slight reduction in the length of classes, which will allow each course to be divided into more small groups. The specific schedules for each group can be consulted on the website Tecnun, at section Students, Information, and Information for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The reduction in class duration does not mean that students will have fewer credits ECTS credit, but that they will have to work on subject for a time equivalent to the reduction in blackboard hours. The contents will be taught in a different way (through documents, videos, etc.). To this end, during these months the entire academic staff is receiving training courses to adapt the teaching. We are working to apply new teaching methodologies that stimulate learning, intellectual work and collaborative spirit, integrating the best of the Education face-to-face with the contributions of the digital.

The teaching rooms are also being equipped with the technology that will make it possible to record all classes in order to facilitate monitoring for students who for various reasons related to COVID19 cannot attend Tecnun (international students, students at risk, students in isolation, etc.).

Adaptation of facilities and prevention measures

From agreement with rules and regulations, signs are being set up to remind the maximum capacity of each space. Within each space, the seats that can be occupied will be marked or excess chairs will be removed to comply with safety measures. In addition, new spaces have been set up for meetings and collaborative work or breaks. The area of the blue circles at entrance of the School will also be covered with tents.

A thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises is being carried out at cafeteria . In addition, in order to avoid crowds at entrance and exit of the spaces, signs will be set up to facilitate keeping a safe distance and complying with the safety recommendations. The tables will be arranged in such a way that the safety distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained. As for the offer, the service of cafeteria will be adapted to the current rules and regulations offering the adequate and safest offer.

During the first semester the sports center cannot be used for sports activities. It is being considered to be used as a work area for students. There is also the possibility of reserving a space for lunch at lunchtime. However, the changing rooms can continue to be used as before. The university chapel will also be subject to the same protocols. As for the study rooms, the chairs will be removed to control the capacity, and the quarantine of books will be established for 14 days. The deadline has been extended until September for the return of books that students have at loan.

Cleaning and disinfection measures

The campus has been disinfected according to the cleaning protocols established by the Ministry of Health. Gel dispensers are being installed in all accesses and spaces. The toilets are being equipped with paper towel dispensers to replace the air dryers. Paper towels and masks will also be placed in pedal-operated wastepaper garbage cans.

The use of face masks is mandatory throughout campus, and this measure will be extended as long as the health authorities recommend it. Please be especially exemplary in its use.

Students, faculty and staff will also be provided with PCR testing at Tecnun. In addition, the appropriate health protocols will be followed in case of confirmed or suspected diagnosis. Health status inquiries can be made by e-mail: or by telephone: 948 255400 - Extension 802060.

Information on the enrollment

Students have all the information about the timetables and guide for self-enrollment on the website Tecnun, at section for Students and Information, as explained by the Director of Academic Management, Idoia Salazar. During the self-registration process, an e-mail address has also been set up to resolve doubts: automatrí In any case, in case of any doubt or problem, students can contact contact at this other e-mail address: administrative

Finally, the exchange programs may also undergo variations as explained by the director of the External Relations Service, Javier Ganuza, and doubts in this regard can be consulted at the address;

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