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Teleco Master's Degree Students Visit IESE and Several Companies

They carried out case studies at this prestigious business school and got to know NASA and Mediaset, among others.

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MIT students with Professor Joaquín de No en Calle PHOTO: Communication Service
19/12/19 11:05 Communication service

The students of the master's degree in Telecommunications at Tecnun recently enjoyed the now traditional week in Madrid. They devoted the first three days to case studies at IESE. "Before going, we had given them the 8 case studies that we would be working on there, with the intention that they would bring them prepared," says Nicolás Serrano, one of the professors who accompanied the Master's students. Another was Joaquín de No, professor of the master's degree in Telecommunications, and Carlos Ortiz, of the master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. The students of these two master's degrees are attending this training week together.

Each day the students had three cases or conferences at IESE. Each team had to send by e-mail before the session the solved cases with the following outline (description of the status and identification of the problem, diagnosis and decisions). "The usual dynamics of the week is as follows: classes in the morning and lunch at IESE. In the afternoon, departure to the hotel to work on the next day's cases as a team, make the scheduled visits and have some free time," says Nicolás Serrano.

In the case of the Teleco students, in addition to the three days at IESE, they also visited the MDSCC(Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex) facility that NASA has in the vicinity of Madrid. "The centre currently has six antennas of different diameters equipped to track space vehicles and probes and is the largest and most sensitive communications system in the world," said Xabier Arruabarrena, delegate of the Master's Degree in Telecoms at Tecnun. "They explained to us the history of NASA and showed us the antennas they have", says Xabier.

They also visited the Europa building in Madrid, one of the most imposing skyscrapers in the capital, and the Calle 30 company. This is the company that manages the operation, conservation and maintenance of the Calle 30 ring road in Madrid and the infrastructures and spaces around it. It has seven major junctions and more than fifty kilometres of tunnels, a work unparalleled in other European capitals.

Finally, students and teachers of the master's degree visited the facilities of Mediaset-Tele5 . There they had the opportunity to go through the entire path of the audio and video signal of television, starting with its capture by cameras and microphones on the sets, continuing with its composition in the corresponding audio and video control rooms, the production of news on the essay or the monitoring of all signals in the central control. All of them as a training complement to the subject Audiovisual Communication Systems, in which students simulate at scale the production of a live television program. "In fact, of all the visits we made, this is the one I liked the most, because we had recently made a live program at Tecnun and it reminded us of our own, but in a big way", concludes Xabier Arruabarrena.

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