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Tecnun launches new Expert Programme in Artificial Intelligence

The programme is aimed at engineering graduates from any discipline.

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Josune Hernantes PHOTO: Communication Service
20/02/20 22:54 Communication Service

The School of Engineering has launched a new Expert Programme in Artificial Intelligence, which is aimed at engineering graduates from any discipline.

The programme, which combines theoretical and practical training, has two different modules: one, focused on Data Analytics, which will run from 15 June to 23 July, and the other, called Artificial Intelligence, which will run from 1 September to 9 October.

Students who wish to take the full programme and obtain the Artificial Intelligence Degree must take both modules, although there is also the possibility of taking only the Data Analytics course and obtaining the degree corresponding to this module.

The academic director, Josune Hernantes, explains in this interview the differential aspects of the programme.

What is the aim of the new programme?

The aim is for students to master the techniques, methods and tools necessary to develop Artificial Intelligence projects. This will enable them to understand what AI can contribute to the generation of services, new products and value for companies and organisations.  

What is the differential value of the programme?

One of the keys is the close collaboration with companies such as CAF, Gestamp, IBM, Ceit and the new Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence attached to Tecnun. This collaboration will allow students to understand the real applications of Artificial Intelligence and the problems that companies are facing.

Another differentiating factor is that it is aimed at engineers, which means a homogeneous group with a solid knowledge of mathematics and programming. This will allow for an in-depth study of certain mathematical concepts without neglecting their real application.  

Do I have to take both modules to obtain a degree in Artificial Intelligence?

Exactly. Although there is also the possibility of taking only the Data Analytics module, and obtaining the corresponding degree. The advantage of taking the full programme is that students will take Machine Learning II, Artificial Vision, Robotics and Business Intelligence. The course offers a comprehensive training that enables them to develop Artificial Intelligence projects.

Why would you encourage students to do it?

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives in sectors such as healthcare, education, banking and finance, logistics and transport or commerce, among others. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is considered key to the digital transformation of organisations and companies are expected to increase their investment in this area in the coming years. However, despite this projection, it is currently not easy to find specialists in this area as the demand is greater than the number of professionals trained in Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, training in this field will be a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a job in the coming years. 

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