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"In `Chismas' you go from matrices to being on a stage that asks you to offer something different from yourself."

The directors of the theater group present the plot of the play "Los ladrones somos gente honrada" ("We thieves are honest people").

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Fran Velásquez and Pepe Serrano, pose on the stage of the auditorium de Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
20/03/19 10:27 Communication Service

Pepe Serrano and Fran Velásquez, the directors of Chismarracos, present the plot of the play "Los ladrones somos gente honrada", which will be performed during these days at Tecnun. 

- From Monday to Thursday, the routine of the members of Chismarracos is dominated by equations, numbers and matrices. But Friday arrives and it's time to rehearse, get on stage, and be someone else, or be yourself, but bring out a different side of you. Or be yourself, but bring out a different part of yourself. What does it mean to direct Chismarracos?

Pepe: Directing is complicated. We can see it in the subject of Personnel Management Service by Álvaro Lleó. Because everyone has their own things, their own life, and you have to manage a lot of schedules. We look for that point of responsibility, which is sometimes relative, because we are not something super serious, but more light, and we want them to have a good time. Besides, the engineer who signs up for theater is not the typical square, but has a different profile , and is also looking for something different from what he sees day after day at the University. Somehow he is looking for, -we are looking for-, that relief.

- And what do you see in the actors?

Pepe: There are people who were born for it, who live it, who are comfortable with it. And then there are people who fight for it and make an effort to make the stage a comfortable place. And for me, the latter has more merit. There are people who put incredible enthusiasm into it, and when you ask someone to give a approach to the role they can't see, and they bring it out, it's very satisfying.

- What do you get out of directing?

Fran: It is an honor. If you are asked to direct it means that the person who did position before this, trusts you, and knows that you are going to take it forward. When you direct you can't lose sight of the fact that you are working with people, that you have to draw on their virtues and help them polish what they are not so good at.

- You have been performing plays by Jardiel Poncela for several years. How do you choose the play?

Pepe and Fran: We look for plays in which many people participate and there are secondary roles for those who have less time. And almost all of Jardiel Poncela's plays are like that. It fits us well. It has a simple humor and a somewhat bombastic but at the same time modern language.

- What does the play "Thieves are honest people" consist of?

Pepe and Fran: They are 4 thieves who want to rob a rich family, but Daniel, one of the main thieves, falls in love with the daughter of the owners. It is a curious play because there is continuous deception. Deceptions, a lot of imagination on the part of the characters, bribes, misunderstandings, a lot of cunning and love. Daniel marries the daughter, and the plot thickens when on the day of the wedding many people want to get their hands on the safe where the family fortune is.

- And what role do you assume?

Pepe: In principle, the directors don't act. They are in charge of watching the scenes as a whole, but the actor who played the redhead, Daniel's partner, dropped out, and I took over. 

Fran: I'm going to see the whole play from my seat, and it's the culmination of the task of directing, because the big day arrives, they're going to perform, and even on that day you have to make sure that everything rehearsed goes well. And there are nerves, it doesn't depend on you and you are just another spectator.

- Do you trust the team?

Pepe and Fran: Yes, and if someone fails, because sometimes people go blank, we lean on each other. You may have forgotten your line, but since you end up knowing the rest of the people's part, you can start and help them to continue. Besides, there are some very good people, who seem to have been born for this.

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