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A greener campus

The project GreenTec, coordinated by Enrique Aymerich, was created to promote the environmental responsibility of the campus

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Enrique Aymerich, coordinator of Green Tecnun-Ceit, explains the beginnings of the initiative.
PHOTO: Communication Service
20/06/18 12:25 Communication Service

"The project Green Tecnun -Ceit was born to improve the environmental practices of campus", says Enrique Aymerich, researcher of the department of Environment of Ceit-Ik4 and coordinator of this initiative, launched in 2009. Almost 10 years later, Aymerich takes stock of the activities carried out by the Green committee - composed of people from different services such as Maintenance or Cleaning - and highlights the work of his colleague Jaime Gonzalez, for being "on the front line from the beginning".

The professor of Tecnun, Enrique Aymerich, who has been the coordinator de Green and responsible for proposing and coordinating the various activities developed, explains some of the practices implemented so far, such as the installation of various containers for the collection of paper, packaging, CDs and batteries, or the improvement of waste management in the laboratories. "Management saw that it was necessary to take a turn in this direction and move towards a greener and more sustainable campus ," says Aymerich.

 Aymerich also emphasizes that several sessions were held, given by Professor Joaquín de Nó, in order to raise awareness of energy saving at staff .

Mentxu Jaca, professor at Tecnun and researcher at the School's Industrial Organizationdepartment , joined project Greenfomenting awareness-raising activities with students. With the financial aid of Professor Marta Ormazábal, and taking advantage of the research line on Economics Circular of this department, they began to collaborate with social entities of the territory such as Saretuz, Koopera or the Cristina Enea Foundation.

"For example, we participated with several students in the third edition of Climathon, a worldwide event in which agents from more than 50 cities discuss climate change," exemplifies Jaca. "We were discussing issues related to food and the benefits of organic products," he continues.

In addition, throughout the academic year, the students have attended different conference, such as the one organized by Saretuz in March, on the occasion of Consumer Rights Day. As Carmen Jaca narrates, the workshop helped the students to learn about useful tools to avoid food wastage, as well as to understand the work of entities such as Fundación Emaus, Goiener and Kaxilda.

It should be noted that an Environmental Practicesguide has recently been launched with the goal to facilitate the environmental responsibility of the employees, professors and researchers of Campus San Sebastian.

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