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El Teléfono de la Esperanza de Gipuzkoa and Tecnun have signed a partnership agreement

The goal is to offer a qualified volunteer activities and to foster the relationship between both institutions.

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Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, and Maribel Pizarro, director of the Telephone of Hope of Gipuzkoa. PHOTO: Communication Service
20/07/20 12:24 Communication Service

The Telephone of Hope of Gipuzkoa (TEG) and Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in Sebastian, have signed a collaboration agreement agreement in order to promote the volunteer activities of student body and professionals of the center. The volunteer activities activity of Tecnun is channeled through Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of campus that was born 3 years ago with the goal to put the time of the university community at the service of social entities.

A team of engineering students, coordinated by the PhD student of Tecnun, Juan Francisco Carias, have designed a database to digitize the resources partner-sanitary that this entity has at the service of society, and the goal of the signature is to formalize the relationship that both entities have maintained for a year.

"Of particular value are the projects in which our student body puts their technical knowledge into practice because they understand the meaning of what they are studying, share their knowledge and are excited to see the impact of their work," said Raúl Antón , director at Tecnun.

Maribel Pizarro, director of the TEG considers that "the relationship initiated with Tecnun is a very interesting opportunity to put technology at the service of a humanist project as is the Telephone of Hope of Gipuzkoa and to connect two systems as different and necessary as the University and the Third Sector".

Maite González, coordinator of the TEG, underlines the importance of volunteer activities for this entity: "The volunteer activities is a piece core topic in all our services and having student body trained in digital tools is a fundamental support to be able to implement projects and ideas that we had in mind, but we did not know how to put them into practice until now".

"Chat for young people.

Also, the student of Tecnun Juan José Latorre has developed a chat that will allow young people going through a difficult time, who require listening, support and advice, or who are in a status of vulnerability, to connect with TELESGI anonymously via WhatsApp.

"The plugin that we will install on the web is like WhatsApp, so it works both from the mobile and from the computer," explains Juan José Latorre. In addition, "whoever needs the service of this association, will be able to select the problem or the subject that is making them suffer to talk to the person who is an expert in that area," he adds.

About the Telephone of Hope in Gipuzkoa

The TEG was born in 1987 as a non-profit association and with the mission statement to accompany any person living in Gipuzkoa who felt alone to face situations of suffering.

It is based on a humanistic view of people, and takes into account all the dimensions that make up the human being (physical, economic, social, psychological and spiritual). They analyse which dimensions are affected by the conflict or problem the person is experiencing. They pay attention to the way in which the person lives and feels the problem (feelings, values...), while at the same time helping him or her to develop his or her own potential because "the person needs, above all, to feel understood, reassured and welcomed in his or her totality".

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