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Tecnun celebrates the Graduate Course Opening Ceremony with two new master's degrees

Welcome to more than 230 new Master's students at campus in Madrid and San Sebastian.

20 | 09 | 2021

More than 230 engineering students have started one of the postgraduate programs offered by Tecnun, both at campus in Donostia and in Madrid. So have the twenty doctoral students that Tecnun will have in its classrooms this year and who, together with the more than 100 currently working on their theses, make up a total of 120 future doctors.

"It was 60 years ago when the School was launched with the illusion of becoming a center of reference letter for its teaching and research. 60 years later, more than 8,600 students have passed through our classrooms and of them, approximately 5,500 are the ones who are the protagonists of the business reality of Gipuzkoa", said the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, during the official opening of the academic year Academic Postgraduate 2021-22 that took place this morning. With this act the director the director of the School has begun the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Tecnun.

Opening of the 2021-22 academic year TECNUN

Antón thanked the students who will be taking one of the six master's degrees offered by Tecnun both in Madrid and in Donosti for their trust and stated that "face-to-face teaching" continues to be "one of the priority objectives for this academic year". He also highlighted the launch of the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation launched this year academic year.


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position The Inaugural lecture was given by Xabier Aizpurua, Director of Engineering Programme Management of GKN Automotive.

On the other hand, the Vice President Alumni of the University of Navarra, Tomás Gómez- Acebo and the president of the Basque Parliament, Bakartxo Tejeria, have delivered the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards of the last academic year.

Iñigo Apaolaza, researcher of the department of Biomedical Engineering of Tecnun, carried out his doctoral dissertation in development of mathematical algorithms that allow the identification of metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer and open the door to development of more effective and personalized therapeutic strategies. As a result of their research, and under the direction of Full Professor of Tecnun, Francisco Planes , the group has published 8 articles and 5 papers in national and international congresses. It is worth mentioning Apaolaza's participation as first author in a article in Nature Communications and his collaboration in another article in Nature Protocols.

For her part, Marta Iturriza focused her research on how to improve the awareness of the different agents in the city to improve resilience to climate change. She did so under the guidance of Leire Labaka, professor at Tecnun and researcher at department of Industrial Organization. Her thesis was funded by the pre-doctoral scholarship of the Basque Government and is a continuation of the European project Smart Mature Resilience, funded by the Horizon 2020 call.

Likewise, Dr. Kenny Lynn, who carried out his thesis under the supervision of professors José Manuel Martín García and Julián María González Estévez, has been awarded the prize because, as Antón pointed out, thanks to his contribution "in the future we hope to reduce the electrical consumption of electromagnetic devices".

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