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A student from Tecnun awarded in the 23rd edition of the Materials congress organized by AFM Cluster

The awarded student, Mikel Magunacelaya, participated together with student Danel Ortega and PhD student Alejandro Loyda.

FotoCedida/MikelMagunacelaya with the presentation of poster explaining his project.

20 | 11 | 2023

A few weeks ago, Tecnun was part of the 23rd edition of The Manufacturing Congressorganized by AFM Cluster, at the Miramon Technology Park. At the congress, experts and professionals related to advanced manufacturing discussed the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

Danel Ortega

Students Danel Ortega and Mikel Magunacelaya participated in the event with the presentation of a poster with which they summarized their end-of-term project Degree and master's degree, respectively. Magunacelaya received a award for the best project master's thesis. As the award-winning student explains, the main goal of their work was to try to predict the turning error in machining machine heads, specifically grinding machines. "In grinding machines, the heads are among the most important elements because they turn both the machine and the part to be machined, and the final quality of the machined parts depends on their correct operation," he explains.

"Due to technological evolution, these turning errors are becoming smaller and smaller, in the order of a few microns (thousandths of a millimeter), so it is essential to analyze every detail of the machines in order to reduce it as much as possible," explains Magunacelaya. In his case, the project focused on seeing how the shaft and bearing assembly affected the turning error.

For Mikel Magunacelaya, winning the award was a "great honor". "If such an important association in the machine sector-tool and advanced manufacturing has highlighted my project it means that the work done has been good," he acknowledges with satisfaction.  

Alejandro Loyda, PhD student of the MMAM group at department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials, presented the work he is developing in his thesis. 

Alejandro Loyda

The professor of Tecnun, Mikel Arizmendi, member of the Scientific committee of congress, describes this meeting as the congress "most relevant" of this sector at national level and he is sample "very satisfied" with the works presented by the students.

In addition, the quotation, which was attended by more than 450 people, "was a great opportunity to contact researchers from other centers and companies with activities related to the machine-tool", as Amaia Jimenez, professor of Tecnun and thesis director, together with Professor Mikel Arizmendi, of PhD student Alejandro Loyda, points out.

As Jiménez points out, Tecnun has been "many years" participating in this congress, to which she adds with "quality" works that "fit" with its theme. "It is very good news that our student has received the award", acknowledges the professor.

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