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meeting with Companies for Master's Students

They have participated in interviews with partner companies of Tecnun who are looking for master engineers.

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Master students from Tecnun during one of the interviews with companies. PHOTO: Communication Service
21/01/20 12:02 Communication Service

On Thursday, January 16 and Friday, January 17, the students of the Master's program of Tecnun participated in interviews with companies collaborating with the School that are looking for graduate engineers. This is a meeting that has been organized exclusively for the students of the master's degree of Tecnun, who have participated in interviews in which they have been able to identify job opportunities in these companies.

The companies have presented the students with specific job offers through the University of Navarra's employment website portal and the students have applied for the offers they were interested in.

During the days that this meeting with Companies has been held, the Master students have had individual interviews to apply for the different positions offered. In total there have been 14 companies that have passed these days by Tecnun, distributed in 7 each day; ANGULAS AGUINAGA, CAF, DANOBAT, GKN, GUREAK, I68, IRIZAR, KIRO GRIFOLS, OPE CONSULTORES, ORONA, SALTO SYSTEMS, SARRALLE, STT and BIELE.

From the latter company, Agosti Aranburu, Director of Automatics in Biele, was at the School, who emphasized that "the interviews we have done have been very interesting for the profile of the students. As for the organization of meeting , everything is very well arranged and we highlight, above all, the mutual interest that we have seen between the students of Tecnun and Biele". For his part, the Head of Industry 4.0 of Biele, Iñigo source, said that "we are looking for someone who is open, who can easily relate to other colleagues and who knows how to pull people".

Two of the students who were at meeting were also delighted with this opportunity offered by Tecnun. subject C arla Bustamante, a student in the Master's program in Industrial Engineering, pointed out that "this kind of event is not offered by all universities and we have to thank Tecnunfor it". contact Her colleague in the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Jon Mikel Arin, pointed out that "what this event has given me is to be able to have a direct contact with the companies, to get to know them a little better, and of course, for them to get to know us".

For his part, the organizer of this meeting, Javier Ganuza, director external relations of Tecnun, has expressed his satisfaction with the participation of students and companies in this event, noting that "it is the first year we have this initiative and we believe it has been a success, we believe that we must continue to energize points of meeting between student and companies".

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