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Hernani Tecnun earns the right to move up to the EBA League.

In 6 seasons they have achieved 5 promotions, making history in Gipuzkoa basketball.

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Hernani players Tecnun celebrate their victory. PHOTO: Basque Basketball Federation

Back in the 2012/2013 season the basketball team of Tecnun played in 3rd provincial division, but that year achieved promotion to 2nd provincial division. A rise in category that reedited the following season, when it achieved promotion to 1st provincial division. Not content with that, the next year, the boys of Tecnun went up again, in this case to 2nd national division. In that category they settled perfectly but did not settle in, and in the 2016/2017 season they achieved a new promotion to 1st national division. 

Well, despite being a newcomer to the category, Hernani Tecnun was playing this weekend the possibility of winning the Final Four played in Getxo and, if they win it, have the option to play in EBA league from next year. Something that, knowing the recent history of the team, was not at all far-fetched. In fact, they have achieved it, and this is the chronicle of a weekend for the glory of this team. A team that in 6 seasons has achieved 5 promotions, making history in Gipuzkoa basketball.

Equality was assured in this weekend's Final Four in Getxo and expectations were not disappointed. The semifinal workshop opened the Getxo-SB Hernani Tecnun, and it was a vibrant game.
The Hernani Tecnun boys were in the lead in the central part of the game thanks to the success in the three-pointers and the superiority in the rebounding, while the Getxotarras started better and, based on recoveries and counterattacks, put the fear in the body of Hernani Tecnun. However, in the final face or cross, the triumph fell on the side of the team from Guipuzcoa, who won by a tight 61-64 final. 

The final

The first big news of the game, nothing pleasant, was the injury of Borja Cembrero, Atletico SS player, who had to leave the court a minute into the game with an injury in his left knee. Shortly after the scoreboard would be released, and did so with a triple by Pablo Arenaza for the set of Tecnun. 

Precisely the Hernani boys Tecnun proposed a 2-3 zone defense and it worked out very well. Atletico was a little erratic in attack and that was also accused in defense. Even so, at the end of the first quarter, the scoreboard reflected a lot of equality (14-13).

The break was good for Hernani Tecnun, which completed a 10-0 partial in three minutes. The team of Tecnun was still in zone and that wore out the Donostians, who alternated defenses to try to change the pace of the game. And so the differences increased. At halftime the scoreboard reflected a 39-21 in favor of Tecnun.

If Atletico San Sebastian wanted to have any chance of promotion, they could not delay their reaction. It did so by raising the defense to three quarters of the field, tightening the passing lines, touching balls, not letting Tecnun circulate happily, which ceased to be vertical. Little by little the Hernani Tecnun was fading. Then Atletico SS went all out and managed to own even the rebound, completing a 0-16 partial that left the scoreboard at 44-40 with the last 10 minutes of play remaining.

The last quarter, as expected, was a heart attack. Hernani continued Tecnun faithful to its zonal proposal , Atletico kept the defensive intensity and the scoring decreased. After 5 minutes of play, Tecnun was ahead 52-46. But Atletico did not give up, and with 41 seconds to go nothing was decided (58-53 in favor of Tecnun). However, Hernani Tecnun did not tremble in the free throws and ended up taking the victory and the promotion to EBA. Zorionak, champions!

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