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meeting of committee advisor of Companies of Tecnun

One of the objectives is to strengthen university-business ties.

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Representatives of companies and members of Tecnun met this morning at campus in San Sebastian. PHOTO: Communication Service
21/05/19 11:15 Communication Service

This morning took place the second session of the committee advisor of Companies of Tecnun, in which the directors of different institutions met with the members of the board of the School of Engineers. This committee advisor , composed of 24 companies with which Tecnun has collaboration agreements, arises with the goal to establish a forum for meeting, strengthen University-Business ties and analyze jointly and structured way the present and future of Gipuzkoa, so that institutions positively influence Tecnun and its student body.

The aim is to improve the profile skills of Tecnun graduates and their suitability for the labor market, to encourage the incorporation of students and alumni in the companies that make up the committee and to compare the training program of the School of Engineering with experts in research and development, general management and Human Resources. Another of the goals of these meetings is to inform companies about the development plans of Tecnun to seek synergies and promote the exchange of knowledge.

The companies that are part of committee advisor of Tecnun are these: FOMENTO DE SAN SEBASTIÁN, CAF, Volkswagen Navarra, Fundación Antonio Aranzabal, INDAUX, DANOBAT, SENER, GAMESA-SIEMENS, BCG, DURR, VELATIA, IKOR, GUREAK, GKN, CINFA, OSI Donostialdea, BIODONOSTIA, IRIZAR, INDAR, ABC COMPRESORES, ETXE-TAR, BIELE, ORONA, BIC BERRILAN and the technology center CEIT-IK4.

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