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Experts in entrepreneurship and innovation meet with university researchers and members of the Basque science and technology network

The workshop, organized by Tecnun, has been supported by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and BIC Gipuzkoa.

21/11/17 14:08 Communication Services

Experts in entrepreneurship and innovation met with university researchers and members of the Basque science and technology network at Tecnun.

The workshoporganized by the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, with the support of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa y Bic Gipuzkoawas created with the aim of goal to train researchers in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and transfer. 

"Often professionals in the field of research and teaching find it difficult to transfer an idea to the market, and this workshop offers basic knowledge to turn those ideas into impact," as noted Gustavo Pego, head of the Entrepreneurship Unit at the University of Navarra at Tecnun. 

In the workshop participated professionals in the field of technology transfer, such as Manuel Varela Rey, expert in Innovative Public Procurement, known for having led some of the most innovative public financing actions for entrepreneurial projects in the country, both from the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), of which he was director and from the SERGAS, where he served as Director General of Innovation and Public Health Management. Varela Rey made a review of those matters that can be brought from the administration to the market. 

In addition, scientists turned entrepreneurs, such as Laureano Simón, showed how knowledge can be transferred from the scientific profile and generate impact. This was the case of Progenika, a company that he created and which was later bought by the multinational Grifols.  

Likewise, Javier Gutiérrez Boronat, an expert belonging to the network of Fraunhofer technology centers (LZE) in Germany, focused his message on the alignment of research activity with the needs of the market and customers. 

The workshop was closed by Jesús María Hernández, Vice President of Clinical Research and Medical and Regulatory Affairs for Europe(Medical Affairs). Jesús M. Hernández recounted successful experiences in biotechnology transfer and entrepreneurship and gave as an example the project Vivet Therapeutics, dedicated to development of innovative gene therapy treatments for orphan diseases, for which he was lead agent. This initiative was developed in collaboration with the research center Médica Aplicada of the University of Navarra (CIMA) and has raised 37 million euros in funding from investors such as Roche and Columbus Venture Partners. "Vivet Therapeutics bases its value on the knowledge generated in the university environment. It is a clear sample of how ideas from the scientific and university environment can be transferred to the market", as Gustavo Pego said. 

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