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Sessions and visits to companies that enrich students' training.

Students of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Industrial Technologies learn about the work of the companies ABB, Ederfil and the iSare SmartGrid.

FotoCedida/Thestudents of the subject "Electrical Drives" wanted to commemorate the visit with a photo at the entrance of Ederfil's facilities.

21 | 12 | 2021

The students were introduced to the new production line being installed at Ederfil, which is expected to supply European electric car manufacturers.

Just over a year ago, ABB and Tecnun signed a collaboration agreement to cooperate in the training of engineering students. In this way, a long history of collaboration was ensured, preparing students through training sessions or internships.

In this context, students of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Industrial Technologies and Mechanical complements have received a session on "Protection and Starting of Motors", within the framework of the subject Electrical Systems. The students learned from ABB professionals about the industrial solutions used in the electrical sector and the range of products supplied by the company in the fields of protection and control of equipment.

"The talk is part of the collaboration agreement between Tecnun and ABB for the equipment of laboratories and the training of specialised professionals in the fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, profiles in high demand by industry and with a high employability", said Borja Prieto, professor at Tecnun, Borja Prieto.

ABB is a world reference in the robotics, power generation, automation and industrial equipment sectors, among others, with a presence in more than 100 countries and a workforce of around 150,000 people.

The students also visited the iSare SmartGrid , a pioneer in the development of renewable energy equipment and installations in Gipuzkoa.

Visit to the company Ederfil

The return to "new normality" also allowed the Electrical Drives students to resume the classic visits to companies involved in the Design and Manufacture of electrical machines. On this occasion, the students visited the company Ederfil. "It is interesting for our students to learn about the work of those who have been dedicated for more than 70 years to the manufacture of the material used to make the heart of electric motors, i.e. enamelled copper wire", said Professor Ibon Elosegui.

As Elosegui points out, the manufacturing manager enthusiastically and carefully demonstrated each of the necessary processes up to the final shaping of the copper wire. "This process, very delicate and with a high added value, surprised the students and they were able to discover all its secrets first hand".

At the end, they were shown the new production line that is being installed and which is expected to supply European electric car manufacturers.


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