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"The Master's degree in Industrial Engineering prepares us perfectly for working life."

Regina Arias-Camisón has just returned from Australia, where she has finished her TFM.

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Regina Arias-Camisón in a picture taken in Australia. PHOTOGRAPH: Communication Service
22/05/19 11:10 Communication Service

Regina Arias-Camisón graduated a few years ago from Tecnun as an engineer in industrial technologies, so, in order to qualify for the title of industrial engineer, she had to complete the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. As he recalls now, during his years at Degree, Tecnun-University of Navarra had proved to him to be a great University, both for its academic staff, as well as for its facilities and equipment, so, when it came time to continue with his master's studies, he had no doubts about continuing to bet on Tecnun. "I think it is the place that gave me the most confidence. In addition, thanks to the approach of companies, taking part in subjects of the master's degree itself, we financial aid to know different sectors of the industry and so we are better able to choose what really interests us as professionals, "says Regina, who is clear what would highlight the most of the Master of Industrial Engineering. "Above all, the ability to teamwork and the opportunity to get to know companies that might interest us in the future, as well as the personal experiences of workers in these companies."

Regina has been in Australia for the last 7 months doing her Master's Thesis at Griffith University in Brisbane. "To make this project possible I have had to put into practice knowledge of design computer science, programming, assembly and data analysis among others". His project has been to realize a new technology for rowing machines. The main goal has been to provide these machines with a design for the seats through which the Username must develop an ability to maintain balance which then carries over to training/racing on the water. 

Her day-to-day life at the university in Australia consisted of doing my project on my own. "This involved a lot of organization on my part, and the working environment was totally international: doctoral students, postgraduate students or Degree students from the United Kingdom, Russia, Iran or India".

Regina recommends this experience to people with ambition and curiosity. "In my opinion it is really important to get out of our comfort zone, to get to know other realities, to learn about other cultures, languages. It's a different option than going straight out into the working world. It seems to make you fall behind your peers who start their working career before you. But the experience and maturity that this subject of experiences gives you cannot be compared and what you bring to a company in the future, if you have really taken advantage of leaving home to another country, will be more valuable". 

Finally, Regina has no doubt that she would do the Master in Industrial Engineering again at Tecnun. "I recommend the MII for everything mentioned above and because I think it prepares us very well for working life. In addition to the good training we are given, the atmosphere at Tecnun is very good, with people who, in addition to being classmates, become great friends".

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