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13 new copies available in the Library of Tecnun

Marta de Juana and Ana Tellería encourage people to immerse themselves in reading the new acquisitions.

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13 new copies available in the Library of Tecnun PHOTO: Courtesy
22/08/19 16:02 Communication Service


Marta de Juana and Ana Telleria, from the Library Service at Tecnun, encourage the university community to go to the shelves and choose one of the 13 new books they have acquired. Both invite you to enjoy the pleasure of reading, one of the intellectual pastimes par excellence.

The following is a brief synopsis of the new copies available.

The Edwardians, Vita Sackville-West

This novel is a concentrated tapestry of the brief and splendid period of English history from the death of Queen Victoria to that of her son Edward VII.

The Passenger, Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz (Berlin, 1938)

This book tells the story of a Jewish businessman who, until the Nazi Party came to power, had been a respected member of society. But when Nazism breaks out, he is left with no one to turn to and tries to flee across Germany to find a way to cross the border and escape abroad.

Ethics for machines, José Ignacio Latorre Sentís

Latorre Sentís proposes a reflection on ethics for the new intelligent machines that will make decisions for us and govern us.

Behind the orange arrow, Ignacio Villameriel

Journalist Ignacio Villameriel writes a personal guidebook about his journey along the Camino Ignaciano. The villages are described, the route is photographed and the characters are profiled. From Azpeitia to Manresa, through the Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia: almost 650 km in the open air.

Created for Greatness, Alexandre Havard

Created for Greatness deepens the teaching on the virtue of magnanimity. A virtue capable of setting the tone for your whole life, transforming it, giving it new meaning and leading to the growth of your personality.

University for Murderers, Petros Márkaris

The book focuses on the case of a minister and former law professor who turns up dead in his flat after eating a poisoned cake.

Call me Alejandra, Espido Freire

Call me Alexandra is an insight into the true nature of the last Tsarina, a rich, noble and beautiful woman, hated by her people, who considered her a foreigner, who, although she had everything to be happy, never was.

The future is now. A Journey through Virtual Reality, Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier exposes the ability of virtual reality to illuminate and amplify our understanding of our species. He also offers readers a new perspective on how the human brain and body connect to the world.

Wild strawberries, Angela Thirkell

With a sharp eye and constant allusions and nods to the classics, from Lord Byron and R.L. Stevenson to Ovid and Virgil, Thirkell brings to life a gallery of comic characters who waver between the sublime and the prosaic, without abandoning the British obsession with social status.

We do not close in August, Eduard Palomares

Jordi Viassolo gets a job as an intern at a detective agency in Barcelona. He is given a simple mission: to keep the office open during the summer without getting into any trouble. The story takes a turn when a desperate client appears saying that his wife has disappeared.

I go, you go, he goes, Jenny Erpenbeck

Richard, a German university professor, is retiring after a successful career. He begins to wonder how he is going to fill all the free time he has at his disposal. He learns about a refugee camp in Berlin and decides to lend a hand.

The daughter of the Spaniard, Karina Sainz Borgo  

La hija de la española is the portrait of a woman who escapes all stereotypes and faces an extreme situation. With her first novel, journalist Karina Sainz Borgo has become the big literary news of the year.

Big Data, The Big Data Revolution, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

Two leading experts in the field analyse what big data is, how it can change our lives, and what we can do to defend ourselves against its risks.

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