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"In the journal we want to cover a wide range of topics of scientific and academic interest".

The student Víctor Peñas has promoted a Press Club that wants to publish two student magazines per year.

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The student Víctor Peñas has promoted a Press Club in Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
22/10/19 09:55 Communication Service

Starting this year, Tecnun will have a Press Club which aims to publish two magazines during the academic year. The project is led by student Víctor Peñas, who last year published the first issue of the magazine together with other students from Tecnun. "I decided to promote this publication because I have seen all the value that a student magazine can bring to an educational centre, and there was nothing similar here. So I thought it would be nice to adapt a project of this kind to the school," explains Peñas.

- What kind of issues do you plan to address?

In principle, the three main categories are current affairs and scientific notes, news and topics related to the School and a vast miscellaneous, where there will be room for personal reflections, literary texts, reviews and other texts of general interest. As for Tecnun, we will comment on outstanding events that take place, we will give the opportunity to the different clubs to share their activities, we will interview teachers, students and former students, staff of the centre, etc... In short, a wide variety of topics of scientific and university interest.

- Is the working group already set up/closed?
We already have a working group, but we are still looking for collaborators. The more people we have, the more ideas we can develop. And, of course, we also accept occasional collaborations, both with the different clubs, as mentioned above, and with individual students who want to participate, although in principle not on a continuous basis.

- What are the requirements for students who want to participate?
Any student at Tecnun can sign up, but above all we are looking for a certain level of involvement in the project. You don't have to be a journalist or graphic designer, but you do need to be willing to spend an afternoon or two, and also to work in a group to get the issue off the ground. In any case, we would especially welcome people who are up to date in the world of science, or who are aware of what is happening at the School, or who have knowledge of design or image editing programmes. 

- How often will the magazine be published?
We intend to make it biannual, by the end of each semester, so that we have time to prepare each edition well.

- You produced a zero number, what conclusions did you draw from it?

Issue zero helped us to determine the type of content to develop and to put into practice certain work and layout techniques that will be useful to us now. It was a space where we could hit and miss freely, to see what to enhance and what to polish or correct.

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