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"Mioty technology will be a game changer for smart cities and the metering world."

Michael Schlicht, founder of the Mioty Alliance and professor of the Master in Telecommunications Engineering, explained at Tecnun the keys to this disruptive technology.

23 | 01 | 2024

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows any device to be connected to the Internet thanks to wireless, low-power and powerful technologies. For example, to monitor a forest and prevent a fire, temperature data can be obtained from different points thanks to a sensor that sends it to a central device. "Although this possibility exists today thanks to the IoT, when a massive network of sensors is used, conflicts arise and communication gets stuck," explains professor Héctor Solar. Tecnun Héctor Solar. Mioty technology overcomes all the limitations of previous technologies.


Tecnun hosted a meeting among Internet of Things (IoT) experts with the goal to raise awareness of the Mioty technology, created by the Fraunhofer Institute, which could be a game changer for smart cities and the world of metering. This was stated by the former director of the Fraunhofer Institute's Telecommunication Systems division, Michael Schlichtwho is a professor at the Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Tecnun.


As the expert explained, this communication technology allows the simultaneous transmission of data packets from a large issue of sensors over long distances and has a multitude of applications in scenarios such as smart cities, Industry 4.0, Logistics or Agriculture. "Water waste is one of the main problems we are facing and this technology will make it possible to detect, prevent and eliminate leaks or other subject of anomalies in faulty pipes," he exemplified.

It should be noted that seminar room was part of the German Mioty alliance of which Tecnun has been a member since its inception and in which 29 other partners, including companies, universities and research centers, develop solutions in the field of communication. Professionals from the Swiss company Loriot also participated in the meeting . "Tecnun was the first university to enter because there is a relationship of trust," explained Schlicht. And he added that "in these 25 years of collaboration between the two institutions there has been a successful exchange of hundreds of students."

Transfer of knowledge

Tecnunas a member of the Mioty Alliance, will contribute to the training of student body of the Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering, as well as the Master in Telecommunication Engineering. "Mioty is an emerging technology and students will be among the first to develop applications with it," said Roc Berenguer, Full Professor of department in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  

In this sense, students will work on two projects related to social welfare and the improvement of energy efficiency in the hand of the Bioma and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. 

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