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Intelligent bins that could optimise waste collection routes in the city

Telecommunication Systems Engineering students awarded in the Donostia Innovation Challenge

FotoCedida/SorayaOrmazábal student and Marisol Garmendia, councilor of development Economic and Employment of San Sebastián.

23 | 03 | 2022

A team of students from Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering has been awarded within the project of Donostia Innovation Challenge. Organized by Fomento San Sebastian , one of its objectives is to encourage the innovative spirit of young people to face the challenges of the future.

In the framework of the subject of Transmission Systems of Tecnun and pushed by the professor Andoni Beriain, the students assumed the challenge to solve some of the problems of the city through the use of the IoT (Internet Of Things).

"Our project consisted of improving the city's waste system by means of intelligent containers that would be able to determine how full they were, as well as to carry out intelligent routes through an application," says studentSoraya Ormazábal . "In addition to saving costs, this would have a great impact on C02 emissions and on the quality of life of citizens, since many are bothered by the noise of the trucks that pass by every night," continues this student of Telecommunication Systems Engineering.

Marisol Garmendia, councilor of development Economic and Employment of San Sebastian, presented the student with the award for the "best presentation", who attended with professor Andoni Beriain and on behalf of the rest of the team formed by students Daniel Arqués, Xabier Borrajeros and Ignacio Jiménez.

"Personally, I think it is a very good idea to carry out this subject work, as I am sure that some of us will one day set up a start-up. These projects give us an idea of the path we need to follow to set it up.

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