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An engineer from Tecnun awarded for the environmental impact of his Holaluz business project

The "award Tecnun Entrepreneur" has as goal to support the development of new business projects of its members. alumni

The submission of award Tecnun Entrepreneur was virtual.

23/10/20 12:39 Communication Service

The former student of Tecnun, Ferrán Nogué, has been the winner of the third edition of the contest "award-Emprendedor" organized by Innovation Factory, the Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Navarra. graduate in Industrial Engineering by this academic center, has been distinguished with an endowment of 3,000 euros for his business project Holaluz, a company that has been revolutionizing the electric energy sector for almost a decade, commercializing 100% green energy.

The contest is an initiative organized in order to support the development of new business projects of the alumni of Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra based in San Sebastian. It is worth mentioning the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa in the framework of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative and its support for initiatives that promote entrepreneurship among the University community. 

During the submission, which was held online yesterday, the director of Corporate Entrepreneurship of the University of Navarra, Gustavo Pego, explained that the social impact that Holaluz is having was core topic in the deliberation. "They were a group of pioneers, with a lot of strength and preparation, who saw the opportunity to offer transparency, freshness and agility to the client, at that time subjected to the great inertias and rigidities of the market leaders," Pego pointed out. "Holaluz was born to be closer to Username, with the freedom and difficulty of not having a past, and with a future ahead in which to create employment and generate awareness for a better use of resources, prioritizing renewables. Today the marketing business is very different from what it was then, and I believe that Holaluz has done its bit to make it more friendly and transparent for the Username", he concluded.


For his part, Ferrán Nogué was very grateful for the award received and made a brief review of his previous professional stage until he set up the company Holaluz. Nogué graduated from Tecnun "a few years ago", and did the project End of Studies in Glasgow. He returned to Spain and worked in some startups. After a while he studied an MBA at IESE in Barcelona, and when he finished the MBA he considered the option of entrepreneurship. "Some fellow MBA students and I decided to create a company that would help us transform society," and that's how Holaluz was born, to connect people to green energy. The goal of his company, according to Nogué, is to create and live in a 100% renewable world. "Today, green energy is the only solution to safeguard the planet. For that reason, whether it is solar, hydro, wind, biomass or biogas, all the energy we offer is of renewable origin, 100% certified by the CNMC," said the engineer. 

About Holaluz

The Catalan electricity company Holaluz leads the 'ESG Risk Rating' ranking that measures the sustainability of listed companies according to their environmental, social and corporate governance performance in the category of electricity companies. Prepared by Sustainalytics, the report , which analyzes 189 companies from all over the world, values the overall positive impact of Holaluz on the environment and the social environment and places it at a "low risk" level in ESG.

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