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Tecnun betting on a virtual reality teaching

The University's School of Engineering will implement this new methodology thanks to a grant from goal

23 | 11 | 2022

Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, will have 32 advanced virtual reality glasses goal Quest 2, for teaching in Degree and postgraduate that the School teaches in the campus of San Sebastian and Madrid, thanks to a donation from goal, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

The donation will involve the creation of a laboratory where students will be able to learn using these new technologies, which offer the possibility of combining training in the real environment with training in a virtual environment, as well as offering students a vision of the possibilities that the development of the next technological platform towards which goal is directing its efforts in innovation: the metaverse.

The director of development of Tecnun, Íñigo Gutiérrez, states that, the main benefit of this agreement is that "Engineering students will be able to learn and work with disruptive technologies, as well as understand the benefits and possibilities offered by the Metaverse. We believe that being able to visualize technology in a virtual reality environment will strengthen student participation and become a more efficient and interesting way of learning".

José Luis Zimmermann, Director Public Affairs for Spain and Portugal at goal , said, "At goal we are investing in development for high-quality immersive experiences that help transform the way people learn, as well as increase access to learning through technology. We are delighted to support the School of Engineering at the University of Navarra and look forward to these advanced virtual reality devices providing new opportunities for educators and students."


Application in the work that is done in the School with disability.

On the other hand, Paula Berroa, the head of the School of Engineering at Tantaka, the Solidarity Time Bank of the University of Navarra, states that "the new lab will allow Tecnun to take its commitment to support people with disabilities to the next level, as such technologies can be of great value to support the learning experience of these people, particularly children with autism. The NGOs we work with are very interested in experimenting with these new technologies and techniques from teaching".

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