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Emakumeak Zientzian 2020, because science does belong to girls

The Emakumeak Zientzian 2020 programme includes a wide variety of activities aimed at a wide range of audiences: families, teenagers, adults...

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Representatives of Tecnun and research centres at the presentation of Emakumeak Zientzian 2020 PHOTO: Communication Service
24/01/20 14:45 Communication Service

The research centers CIC nanoGUNE, the Center for Physics of Materials (CFM CSIC-UPV/EHU), CIC biomaGUNE, Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Biodonostia, Tecnun-School of Engineers, Ceit, POLYMAT and Elhuyar have joined forces to present a joint program to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which is celebrated worldwide on February 11. In Donostia, the Emakumeak Zientzian 2020 program will run from February 7 to 14 with workshops, public talks, ginkana, visits... The goal of the initiative is to make visible the activity of women in science, to break with the typically male roles attributed to scientific-technical activities, and to encourage the choice of scientific careers among girls and adolescents. Emakumeak Zientzian 2020 is supported by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Fomento San Sebastián, Donostia Kultura, the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the committee Superior Institute for Scientific Research (CSIC).

The programme will begin on Friday, 7 February, with the workshop Science is for girls, at 16:00 in the afternoon at the CIC nanoGUNE centre. Guided by researchers from nanoGUNE and POLYMAT, teenagers aged 14 and 18 will have the opportunity to be "scientists for a day" and form part of a research team, taking part in a real experiment that will give them first-hand experience of the world of nanoscience.

Then, at 19:00 pm, the conference room Club of the Victoria Eugenia Theater will host the event Scientists of yesterday and today, where 6 female researchers from here and today will take the stage to present their work and their person, and to pay tribute to those women scientists, pioneers of the past, whose work was often not recognized and fell into oblivion. In talks open to the public, past and present will come together to vindicate the women scientists who are and who were, and to build a future in which they will never cease to be. 

On Saturday 8th at Campus University of Ibaeta, it will be the turn of the families, who will have a Ginkana with a lot of science and many of its protagonists. The teams will have to solve all the tests that await them at campus, entering the research centers CFM, DIPC, Tecnun, Ceit, POLYMAT and nanoGUNE .

The program also includes educational activities aimed at bringing the world of science closer to young students and making the role of women scientists more visible. The workshop Jugando a ser ingeniera (Playing at being an engineer ), which will take place on February 10 at Tecnun and Ceit, will be attended by adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age. In this practical automotive workshop taught by engineering students from the Formula Student team, participants will play at being real engineers, simulating all areas of engineering work: design of prototypes, manufacture of parts, assembly and distribution.

Along the same lines, on February 11, visits will be organized for several primary and secondary school groups. high school diploma. Researchers from the centers that will host the visits will carry out different activities and scientific demonstrations aimed at highlighting the role of women in science throughout history. Schools can make the application to participate in this activity until Monday, January 27, and the visits will be assigned by lottery.      

In addition, the programme once again includes the activity "Amona's Power" aimed at extolling the figure of adult women as transmitters of scientific culture. Guided by female researchers, on 13 February all women over the age of 55 will have the opportunity to get to know the world of international research and excellence that takes place in our research centres. They will discover the scientific potential hidden in everyday life, bringing out the scientist in them and showing them experiments that they can reproduce at home and in their environment.

Finally, the roundtable "Equality in science: experiences and future" has been organized for academic community. This meeting will focus on equality in the different areas of the science system, including academia, research and the business world. To talk about it, we will have leading women scientists. The roundtable aims to provide a space to share experiences and impressions in a relaxed way, giving voice to women who are currently working in the scientific field. The roundtable will take place at the Carlos Santamaria Center (UPV/EHU) on February 14 at 12:00h, will be conducted in English, and is open to the entire academic community.

All scheduled activities will be free of charge. Registrations can be made through the website Emakumeak Zientzian 2020:

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