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The University, 41st in the world in employability according to Emerging's ranking for Times Higher Education

The issue 11 edition has collected feedback from nearly 11,000 employers in 23 countries.


24 | 11 | 2021

The University is 41st in the world in employability, according to the GEURS 2021 ranking, prepared by the consulting firm Emerging for Times Higher Education. The result represents an improvement of four positions over the previous edition and places the University of Navarra second in Spain in employability, out of seven Spanish universities that managed to qualify.

The ranking is based on surveys of employment managers in international companies, almost 11,000 employers in 23 countries. Using the data from these surveys, 250 universities with the best employability from all over the world have been selected.

"We are very pleased with these results. They represent an endorsement of our project, to be communicating vessels between our students and graduates and connect them with professionals and leading international companies, to unite everyone and collaborate in an environment of trust and influence, maximizing opportunities for success and fulfillment staff and professional. This achievement excites us, excites us and encourages us to continue leading to be catalysts for positive change in society," said Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services University of Navarra.

More than 4,000 internships and 900 job offers

During the 2020-21 academic year, Career Services managed 4,110 internships for students and graduates . In total, 900 job offers were registered. In addition, a new employment Portal was added in November 2020 to enhance the experience for students, graduates and companies. During the past academic year, 408 companies posted 1,697 job and internship offers on theUniversity's employment Portal. In addition, 751 new agreements were signed with employers, bringing to 7,000 the number of companies collaborating with Career Services to issue .

These are some of the figures that respond to the strategic plan promoted by the Careers Office which, as Roberto Cabezas explains, is structured in three axes: "Building bridges of collaboration with leading companies in Spain and abroad; the development of employability training programs for Degree and postgraduate students, with an optimized and effective content structure; and advisory service staff to students and alumni at subject of employment to facilitate the first step towards the world of work".

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