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The Disaster Observatory of the Aon Spain Foundation submission the IV award knowledge dissemination Scientific José María Sarriegi

The Jury has decided to distinguish article Structuring the co-creation of climate services through a business model .

24 | 11 | 2022

model The article StructuringClimate Service Co-Creation Using a Business Model Approach , published in the journal Earth's Future, has been awarded the IV award de knowledge dissemination Científica José María Sarriegi, granted by the Observatorio de Catástrofes de la Fundación Aon España. The submission was held during the VII Symposium of the Observatory, which took place at the Spanish Engineering Institute under the Honorary Presidency of His Majesty the King. The award was presented by IñigoGutiérrez, Director of development of Tecnun, and Pedro Tomey, president of the Observatory, who expressed that "creating climate services is a great conceptual change for climate science", and added: "It is necessary to build new bridges of communication between the academic community and operational with the various actors of society".

Climate services are the result of the effort to translate the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge regarding the impacts of climate change into useful information for decision making by administrations and companies. The concept arises to alleviate the disconnection between science and society. Decision-making for the adaptation of our societies to future scenarios that are anticipated to be increasingly unfavorable must be based on the best scientific knowledge available . But this will be sterile if it does not reach administrations and companies.

The award award was collected by María Máñez Costa and Adrià Rubio Martín, two of the authors of the article, who thanked the award on behalf of their colleagues, Manuel Pulido Velázquez, Alberto García Prats, Louis Celliers, Ferrán Llario and Javier Macián. They commented that "this study explores, proposes and sample forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors for the adaptation of strategic sectors, such as drinking water supply, to future climate change scenarios. It does so in order to encourage this subject of collaborations and reduce the distance that separates the academic research in climate change from the decision making of administrations, companies and individuals".

The Jury, composed of representatives of the Disaster Observatory and Tecnun of the University of Navarra, has highly valued the contribution of this research, "which responds to a real need of society and uses in an innovative way a perspective of model business to involve the private sector in the creation of products that respond to their needs. This subject research is what allows us to move towards a more resilient society". Regarding the quality of the article, it has been published in the journal Earth's Future, which is ranked in the first decile in the category Geosciences, Multidisciplinary in the Journal Citation Report (JCR).

award of knowledge dissemination Scientific José María Sarriegi

The Aon Spain Foundation and its Disaster Observatory, with the creation of the award de knowledge dissemination Científica José María Sarriegi to the best article of academic research on disaster-related topics, aim to honor the report of this academic and researcher, one of the founders of the Observatory, who died in December 2018 as a result of a sports accident.

This award that bears his name represents very well the professional and personal values that this exceptional teacher of engineers treasured. His example of integrity, enthusiasm, professionalism and human qualities are and will be an example for many students and teachers. José María Sarriegi used to say that we can always emerge stronger from catastrophes.

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