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"For me, the Master's in Industrial Engineering is the perfect option to close the university stage before starting to work."

Alejandro García has won one of the Extraordinary Awards at the end of Degree and is currently studying for the MII of Tecnun

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Alejandro García in one of the Master's classrooms of Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
25/01/19 13:17 Communication Service

Alejandro García is in luck, as he has recently learned that he has won one of the Extraordinary End of Degree Awards 2017-2018. In his case, that of Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering. Alejandro continues today with his training at Tecnun studying the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. A postgraduate course that from next year will also begin to be taught at the new campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid.

What has it meant for you to achieve this recognition?

The race is demanding and is a great recognition of all the hard work I have done, although in the end the most important thing is to finish well and see how we will do in the future.

Have you invested many hours of study?

Well, to be honest, engineering is hard and especially the first few years are very demanding, so you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. But as you progress through the courses, you learn to organise yourself and make time for everything.

How did you find out that you have received one of the Extraordinary Awards?

In October we were asked to send the data to the candidates, and it was only in January that I found out that the award was for me. I have been finding out everything through Tecnun.

You are currently studying for a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. Why did you decide to continue your education at Tecnun?

The Degree gives you a general and quite complete education, but I felt that perhaps I was missing a step between my studies and the professional world. For me, the master's degree was the perfect option to close the university stage before starting to work.

When it came to choosing between the different master's degrees, the one at Tecnun is very practically focused, working in teams, something more similar to future work. After four years of study, I was looking for something more focused on really learning how to work as it is done in companies, and in Tecnun they are very clear about what they demand. Also, the duration of only one academic year and the possibility then to do the project abroad are advantages over other options.

Did you know that, thanks to this award, you will receive a discount on the enrollment?

Yes, I found out when they gave it to me and the truth is that it is really appreciated that the study of the master's degree is facilitated in this way.

What do you highlight about the master's degree in Industrial Engineering at Tecnun?

The way of working is perhaps the most differential factor. Everything is worked in teams, in a very practical way and oriented to real projects. This way you learn to apply everything you have learned in Degree and did not even know you were able to use in a more real project . It is not easy at the beginning to change the way of working, different from Degree, but you realize that you learn much more and the work becomes more enjoyable.

Any anecdotes from your time at Tecnun that you would like to highlight?

During the engineering course, you study a lot in groups and do group work. When my friends found out that I had been given the award, they all wanted a accredited specialization or a piece of the award, they had also earned it with me!


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