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Closing of the academic year of the Colegio Mayor Ayete

The collegiate students awarded the honorary scholarship to Bakartxo Tejeria, Edorta Kortadi and Gustavo Pego.

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The schoolchildren received the European curriculum during the Closing Ceremony. PHOTO: Courtesy
25/04/18 13:31 Communication Service

The Colegio Mayor Ayete celebrated last Tuesday 24 the solemn closing of the 2017-2018 academic year. The event began with a few words from the director of the College, Santiago Zayas, who gave way to the conference given by Mr. Juan Muñoz, director of the Colegio Mayor Chaminade of Madrid and professor at the Complutense University on the theme 'The University and the Colegios Mayores'

The rest of the table was chaired by Tomás Gómez-Acebo, Vice Rector of Students of the University of Navarra, Clemente Tobalina, President of the Board of Trustees of the Colegio Mayor Ayete and Francisco Velásquez, Dean of the College.

During the ceremony, the honorary scholarship was awarded to the president of the Basque Parliament Bakartxo Telleria, to the parish priest of Santa María del Coro and museologist Edorta Kortadi, and to the director of the Office of Entrepreneurship of the University of Navarra Gustavo Pego

Closing of the Colegio Mayor Ayete

Afterwards, the European curricula vitae were presented to the students Borja Apaolaza, Fernando Ruiz, José Carlos Álvarez, Kevin Calderón, José María González-Villalobos, José Serrano, Joaquim Planellas, Juan Carlos Retegui, Ricardo García and Antonio Ramírez. This curriculum proves that, during their years at the Colegio Mayor, the fourth-year engineering and master's degree students of Tecnun , who are now concluding their stay at Ayete, have actively participated in different cultural, social and sports activities and in the organization of events such as the Youth Solidarity Concert that has been organized every year for the past decade.

Closing of the Colegio Mayor Ayete

The event ended with the official closing of the course by the Vice Rector Tomás Gómez-Acebo, the singing of Gaudeamos Igitur led by the collegiate and student of Musikene Juan Marcos Cano and a subsequent snack in the gardens of the Colegio Mayor Ayete in which were also present the director of the School of Engineering Raúl Antón; the director of development of the same, Íñigo Gutiérrez; the chaplains, Mr. Emilio Fuertes and Mr. Toché Marín, who chatted amicably with the rest of the members of the Colegio Mayor Ayete: Iñaki Cires, Álvaro Lleó de Nalda, Justino Fernández Díaz, Jesús de la Fuente Cedeño, Juan Carlos Retegui López and Gonzalo Jabat Rico. 

The closing ceremony was also attended by the manager of the Colegio Mayor Ayete, Miguel Ruíz, the emeritus professor of Tecnun Juan Flaquer, the teacher Ángel Rubio, Juan Carlos Mújica, Iñigo Apaolaza, Ignacio Villameriel and the students José Roure, Enrique Van Dyke, Pablo Marín, Diego Roy, Xavi Martínez, Juan María Bilbao, Guillermo de Andrés, David Martí, Fernando de Villar, Ignacio Cassols, Maria Floristan, Katyna Sada, Paula Accini, Montse, Corina Garrido, Nacho Pérez Sahagún, José Pablo García Pomar, Alejandro López de Carrizosa, Pablo Sacristán, Salvador López and Luis Alarcón. 

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