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IBM and Tecnun sign an agreement partnership agreement to promote training in ethics and responsible management of technology.

Training in the responsible management of technology is one of the pillars of agreement, which will also enable students to access technology and the world of work by encouraging internships at IBM.

FotoIgnacioVillameriel/Iñigo Osoro, vice president of Ecosystem Marketing EMEA at IBM, and Raul Antón, director of Tecnun.

25 | 11 | 2021

IBM and Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, have signed a collaboration agreement agreement to promote the training of student body in ethics and responsible management of technology. As a result of the agreement, the student body will have access to the multinational's technological tools and training platforms and will receive training from IBM professionals, who will teach in the Artificial Intelligence and Technological Innovation master's degrees at Tecnun. In this sense, the agreement signed has also as goal enable the approach of students to the world of work, encouraging the realization of internships in the company. 

"At IBM we have a long tradition of collaboration with universities and academic institutions and we are committed not only to implementing technical knowledge, but also to stressing the importance of understanding its ethical implications and the responsibility they entail as a basic element in technological training", said Iñigo Osoro, Vice President of Ecosystem Marketing EMEA at IBM, who added: "It is our responsibility to promote and strengthen joint projects with universities such as the University of Navarra, which allow us to develop the next generation of talent that will define the future and progress of our society in a cross-cutting manner".

"Itis no longer enough for our students to know a lot about technology and have a business vision. What we must do is teach them to use it in an ethical way so that it has a positive impact on people's quality of life," said Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, who signed the agreement collaboration agreement between IBM and the University of Navarra together with Iñigo Osoro.

It should be noted that the University of Navarra, through Core Curriculum subjects, promotes the humanistic training of students and encourages reflection on the ethical challenges or social implications of each profession. Tecnun alsoadds to these subjects other specific engineering subjects such as "Future Emerging Technologies and Machine Learning" or "Ethical Challenges of Technology", taught by Mikel Díez, director of IBM Innovation, and Íñigo Osoro, vice president of Ecosystem Marketing EMEA at IBM, respectively.

"Having IBM professionals teaching in the two new master's degrees at Tecnun will contribute positively to the humanistic training that our students already receive. It is the university students who will create technology in the future," said Raúl Antón.  

The educational Philosophy of Tecnun is in line with the values that IBM promotes through its Good Tech initiative, which has led the company to promote equality through technology training at all educational levels and to raise awareness of the ethical challenges involved in disruptive technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence or data management.

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